Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things Ticking In My Head

I have been sitting here for an hour now, staring at my screen. Occasionally scratching my head.
Simply thinking, maybe its about time I add some pizzaz to this blog.
It looks too plain, too simple, too boring!
A little glitter might do wonders, another color scheme perhaps, apart from the yellows, greens and gray might make it look nice.
But then again it might turn into another MySpace-look-alike page of disgusting graphics and trashy music, enough to drive the visitors of your page nuts!

And I don't really know much about customizing styles.
My HTML and editing skills are between non-existent and mediocre.
And not to mention my laziness is preventing me from reading tutorials and other whatnots.
CSS for Dummies didn't help either.

Also, many have asked *actually three at the last count* why I do not pose pictures of myself only the silhouette of a woman who seems to be in deep meditation.
Well, my cam whoring days are over! Not really...
I still take photos, photography being one of my hobbies.
But I wanted this site to be read for its contents, not because you think my pictures are pretty.
There is no annoying music to bust your eardrums too, as I personally find it a hassle and rude.
If you wanted to listen to some tracks I'm sure you would have clicked a music hosting site like Imeem and other similar websites.

I have not bothered to write a FAQ page. As nobody gives a damn to even read them.
If you have questions, feel free to contact me or leave a message in my chatbox.
That way I can easily answer your question/s.
But before you ask questions kindly read this post first.
If you fail to follow my set of rules do not be surprised that I will ignore/rant/rave/insult you.
It all depends on my mood.

I'm not really cross, bitchy or a violent person.
Those sides of me only surfaces when the time and person calls for it.

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