Sunday, July 01, 2007


I was in this forum I frequent before and just checked out what is going on there as I did not log in for a long time now.
As usual it was more or less the same website as I left it.
People were discussing, debating and fighting. More fighting in fact than in previous months.

There were also discussions of the site's rules and Terms of Service.
Everyone was on a reporting spree of other members whom they deemed 'insulted' them in certain topics most especially the ones pertaining to Religion/Philosophy.

Now that was something I find hilarious.

Can words really have that power to demote you to a point that you feel you are stepped on or is it because you gave that certain word and the person who uttered it the right to do so?

In these debates and different forums that I have participated over the years a lot of heated words were exchanged.
Some were intentionally said, people cannot keep their cool for a lengthy period of time especially when their stand on issues are challenged.
Others just couldn't help utter these said words maybe because they have already gotten so used to it that it becomes part of their speech, their being. They are natural foul-mouths.
Or maybe they just thought that by saying expletives all the time they would appear tough.

I am not a politically correct creature, never have been.
I could be rash, blunt even smug at times.
In these debates I too have been the receiver of 'insulting' words and sometimes the giver.

But do they really bother me and do I ever feel insulted? NO!
Because I do not see it as such.
People can say or think whatever they want about me because I know my own self more than anybody else.
I will not give them the time and satisfaction of even thinking that their words has hurt me.

Words are only words.
It cannot do much if you don't give it the power to.
It pisses me off to see grown people suddenly turn into blabbing babies because someone used a bad word. A BAD WORD!!! What the fuck? Since when did words have attributes?!?
Aren't we big enough to handle our own troubles now?
Must we always go to someone with authority because we did not approve of his/her point of view?
Life deals you with shit! You would have heartaches, misunderstandings, troubles and other hardships. No one has a perfect life. NO ONE!
You can only do two things in times of adversity. Stand up and face it. Be strong. Don' tmind the naysayers.
Or wail and cry your eyes out, sob to someone whom you think has authority to try to make your boo-boos better and be a big, helpless baby!

I don't know about you people but I chose the former.

I'm not saying that you do not have the right to be insulted. Of course you do!
It is your right and no one is taking that away from you.
But the only problem with most people these days is, IF they feel they are/were insulted by what you write, say or do they think that they have this god damn given right and power to shut you up!
Which is not the case.
If you don't like it, then don't bother with it and just walk away.
There is this overwhelming need to always be politically correct and in doing so they often put common sense in the back place.

People are being too sensitive these days. Getting 'insulted' by almost anything.
Making an issue of things that should not have been an issue to begin with.


Kalyan said...

You cannot be hurt by (words of) someone unles you alow him/her to do so. I agree to the proposition. When you have made up your mind, just go for it and dont listen to 'commentators'. There is a short story about a frog race in this context.

'You ... in times of adversity. Stand up and face it. Be strong.' Sure. But dont you think seeking suggestion from someone who have had such experience, at least that you know of, in the past would be a good idea? Seeking suggestion in times of adversity doesnt make you cry-baby or crib-queen.

Should a player not approach his coach for counsel when his shots are not upto the mark? Should you not consult your mentor when you are not being 100% productive in office? Should you not consult your spouse when you are not able to take care of the baby properly due one of the N number of issues bugging you?

Tendency to seek suggestion, counsel or help is the pivot around which the humans progress revolves Someone has been there, done that. So why not use her wisdom and enhance our own lives? What is the harm in that? But yes, being a nagging soul is an unnecessary and unwanted attribute.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Ankit said...

I love your random musings! and though they may not be politically correct as such.. store great wisdom! i hope ppl can think more like that.. will simplify and sober(ify) matters a lot!

JeanGray said...


Thank you for the insight but I think you have misunderstood the post.
This post does not deal with people who seek counsel but more like the ones who try to find fault in what others have to say.
Give it their own interpretation and then play the 'victim' role and immediately go to a person with authority to get them banned because they felt 'insulted'.