Friday, November 18, 2011

A Prime Example of Stupidity

This article made my blood boil and I wanted to kick the nutsack of any religious person that will come my way. But getting a grip on my sanity (for now), the argument that because someone is Atheist he/she will then immediately be immoral has been proposed so many times that there seems to be no end of it.

This age of morality, the age where we do not have slaves, do not stone people for adultery, do not deal death for apostasy (In most countries at least)... All these enlightenment/s came forth because they were well thought out, argued, reasoned and discussed.

If you actually look at the "moralities" promoted by any goddamned hole-y book, you would find that they incite wars, pedophilia, slavery, subjugation of women, death and almost every act of hatred and violence you could think of.

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder! Having a religion and worshiping a deity won't be a cure-all for this mental disease. If that is the case priests won't be the number one doer of this horrific act. Damnit!

You cannot use ONE verse/phrase from the entire hole-y book that you managed to have read in one of its chapters and immediately declare that that's what the hole-y book was all about while you disregard the other fucked up shit they were talking and telling people to do. Because if THAT is the approach you use, then it is simply called CHERRY-PICKING!

My understanding of his article is this:

Atheism = No belief in God, the guiding light and highest example of morality => Leads one to the path of fucking a goat and fondling a child.

Fuck you Averick!