Friday, June 29, 2007

Soul Cleansing and Spring Cleaning

My room is another universe where I go to and retreat especially when the world is just being so damn unbearable.
Its like a black hole, sucking objects in.
I've had many things "disappear".
Then, like some sort of magic *poof!* things appear randomly when you least expect it.
I certainly will not say it is messy, for its NOT!
I have this ability to tell where my stuffs are despite the unorganized way of which things are laid about.

Summer's here, the heat is intense!
Looking for a way to cool down that is easy on the pocket.
The best thing to do is of course... Spring Clean!
It makes you sweat, leaving your body cool while you get to take out the clutter that has accumulated over the previous year/s.

I came across my old journal as I was rummaging through my closet and drawers.
Reading it again, I was transported to another time.
I couldn’t help but laugh at some entries.
Asking, who is this person that wrote these all down?
The things written certainly ringed a bell and brought back memories but it seems it was written by a completely different person.
I kept asking myself, “Was that really me back then?”

It has unleashed memories, monsters past, pains gone through.
And just my luck!
As I was reading my old journals, suddenly, sentimental love songs bursts forth from our neighbor’s sound system.
I was crying like a freakin’ idiot for almost an hour.
Talk about purgation of the soul!

It felt oddly good though to be reminded of these things, after of course a few buckets of tears shed.
Looking at the mirror now, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if not for the things that that girl has gone through.


jack frost said...

nostalgia is one hell of a feeling. u donno whether u are happy or sad. u donno if u shud laugh or cry. and yeah... reading old journals always raises the expression "was it me who wrote this?"

Ankit said...

nice work.. can't say much about it.. but crying is simply one of the most natural of our emotions and cant emphasise on its importance enough which apparently a lost cause these days!