Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Future Terrorist Attacks Justified By Rushdie's Knighthood?!?

I'm sure many of us have already heard by now about the buzz of the recent knighthood of controversial author Salman Rushdie and the many sentiments it has stirred. Rushdie's work, particularly The Satanic Verses is seen by many Moslems as an insult to Islam.

"Some Islamic and most non-Muslim Western historians and commentators on the Qur'an have accepted this story of Muhammad's momentary acceptance of the verses. However, a common Muslim viewpoint is that the existence of the verses is just a fabrication created by non-Muslims."

Last Monday, June 18, 2007 BBC released a news article where it stated that the Religious Affairs Minister Ejaz-ul-Haq of Pakistan's parliament said that the action "are the root cause of terrorism". Further saying that it may lead to attacks. Pakistan's parliament and other Moslem countries have condemned the knighthood and even demanding that the said prestigious award be withdrawn. His comments in the Urdu language caused an uproar. "If someone commits suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Mohammad, his act is justified." he said, according to the translation by the Reuters news agency.

Urging fellow Moslems that if Britain doesn't withdraw the award all Moslem countries should break off diplomatic ties. He then denies inciting violence saying that the said statements doesn't mean its a justification of suicide attacks.

Now Iran has jumped into the boat of the said issue further escalating the tension. Again, demanding that the said award be withdrawn because it was an insensitive and insulting act.


First off, all the hypocrisy is almost choking me!
I'll bet my last 2cents that most of these "protesters" have never even read the book and yet they are now rallying for something they are so ignorant about, just because their religious leaders says so.

How come protests like these never happen when atrocious crimes are committed in the name of their so-called peaceful religion?
When a suicide bomber kills tens/thousands in the name of Islam?
When innocent people are kidnapped in the name of Islam? etc.
Where is the protest?
They are far more damaging in spreading this hatred among Moslems.
These lowlifes are the ones lowering their image more.

Well, they may act brainwashed over there but in the West or in places where freedom of speech and your right to choose is treasured, we don't give a damn what they think!
Everyone has a different view/opinion that is something that they should at least squeeze into their brainwashed, mushy minds.
If they wish to be understood they should also at least try to understand.

And on another note, they might say that Islamophobia is increasing in the West.
I don't think so. The West isn't afraid of people practicing Islam it is just another religion.
What most is afraid of is the radicals in their religion who wish to impose by any means possible their views/beliefs on other people.

If the West would let themselves be intimidated then I guess these lowlifes and terrorists have already succeeded in driving us into our own rocks and making cowards out of us by letting us bend over whenever something doesn't go their way.

If they wish to discourage diplomatic ties just because of said knighthood, then be our guests. Deport all the Moslem followers and send them to countries where it is practiced as a 'religion' and let them live their lives there forever in peace.
I heard Sudan is lovely this time of year.
Their presence would not be missed.

But then, that action is stooping to their level and that is also as worse as being a terrorist.

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