Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sin Tax? How About Church Tax?

Okay... After we have made a lot of noise regarding the draconian cyber crime law which until now is not yet repelled and after marching the streets for our reproductive health rights, we now face the sin tax fight.

So the Philippines has now implemented the "sin tax" into law. Basically what it does is pave the way for higher cigarette and liquor prices in the coming weeks. In his speech Pnoy said and I quote, "Today, we sign, finally, a law that serves as an early Christmas gift to millions of Filipinos who will be covered by the universal health care program, who will benefit from new public clinics and hospitals that will be built, and who will be discouraged from smoking and drinking,” and In its first year of implementation, the measure is expected to generate for the government additional revenues worth P33.96 billion, of which P23.4 billion will come from cigarettes, P6.06 billion from distilled spirits and P4.5 billion from fermented liquors.

I really have no problem with taxing these stuff as I see them as mere luxuries that people ought to pay for if they really wish to partake in them. That said, I am just wondering why the government until now is still hesitant to tax the religious organizations and churches if indeed their goal is to somehow fill our coffers with more money for projects that will help our constituents.

How many billions do we lose because we let these institutions get away without paying taxes just because they worship an invisible sky daddy?

Sin is the act of violating god's will. Although, whose god it is we offended is yet to be determined.
I, being an atheist and not believing in the concept of god or sin for that matter, ought to be exempted from shouldering these taxes if ever I want to buy any of these "sinful" substances.

If we can get billions by taxing these vices just imagine how much more we'll get if we tax the church.