Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Day Out With A Friend

I just remembered why I abhor public transportation.
Yesterday, my good friend Rae insisted we hang out and meet.
I woke up quite late so I had to take a quick shower and catch up.
Dressed lightning fast, didn't even bother to put make-up and all that jazz.

Confession time here and though it is embarrassing to admit, truth must be told.
I cannot drive! Though I have the license for it. *That is another story*
There I said it. Damnit! *Oh the relief*
I am used to being driven around.

I waited for a taxi, but hardly one ever shows up in our place.
I still say I live in an isolated environment.
So board the jeepney I must!
It was uber hot! Luckily, the jeepney wasn't cramped when I first bordered it.
But it was soon filled with people.
It was unfortunate because I was seated next to this guy with terrible B.O.!!!
B.O. plus hot weather plus cramped space only equals disaster.
I wanted to faint!
Every time the jeep stops this guy would raise his hand and rest them on the hand rail.
And oooooh the odor!!! Le gasp! Le choke! Le peeeeeeeeeee-UUUUU!
I was about to ask him to put his hands down for the love of God, humanity and all things holy.
Yet, I stopped myself and endured the stinky odor as best as I could.
Telling myself "Don't worry we are almost at the stop, its nearing the mall."
Yeah right! I was putting myself into this semi-state of hypnosis.
I kept repeating that line for almost an hour.
Dreading each stop the jeepney makes.

Finally! I was able to reach the mall.
I waited for Rae to show up. i kept texting her to please come over as quick as possible.
I had something interesting to share.
I lingered in the bookstore and waited.
Looking at books, read a few pages of something which I found interesting.
Opened magazines. *Thank heavens National Bookstore allows you to read some of their books.*
Its amazing how time flies when you are doing something you like.
But I really didn't enjoy my stay in that bookstore that much.
There were sooo many books that I wished to buy. *I think half of their selection*
From the classics to plays, poetry, political and historical books, then plain magazines.
Oooohhh so many great books that I have envisioned to be in my library, no money, no time to read them all. *Cruel are the fates*

Then I met Rae she told me she was waiting for me since 1-ish in the afternoon.
I got there around 2-ish something. I told her blame the jeepney!
It kept stopping to pick up passengers lol *Oh yes I act like an idiot at times* lol
I immediately told her about my experience on that jeepney and some more.
She understands me... So I need not further explain myself.
We hanged out for some more time in the bookstore.
She was looking at different cookbooks.
While I was glancing and checking out some Anne Rice selections.
We chatted and chatted like there was no tomorrow.
Laughing at a few odd selections that was in that store.
i.e. A recipe book for microwave meals! *WTF!*

It has been months since we last hooked up and eh I was missed.
We talked and talked and talked some more.
Then she said we'd just go to this coffee place she really likes.
We could sit comfortably there and enjoy the place's ambience.

I have been putting off the meeting for quite some time, because of "issues" that I need not elaborate.
I was about to say "No" again when she asked me out for the upteenth time.
But hell! Her statement that really caught me off guard was "Damn it biotch! I have been asking you out since last year. I now feel like a lesbian stalker here."
*P.S. She's not lesbo. Not that there is anything wrong with that too.*
Sorry if I made you feel that way Rae, but you know already.
We went to Coffee Beanery and stayed there for almost 6hours!
I am not into coffee but their's was good! So unlike that Starbucks shit! *heaven forbid*
It can't compare to Seattle's Best either.

The service was impeccable too.
The waiters were kinda cute. *Must be because of the dim lighting that they have or my poor eyesight*
the cakes they had were oooh-la-la!
The cheesecake was to die for.
I was stuffed with love, coffee mocha frappe, cheese and chocolate cakes!

Thank you for a great day Rae! It will be my turn soon.
Though I was off with a very bad, smelly start it was worth it.
And oh yes, I will write about that prank we pulled. lol

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