Tuesday, January 06, 2009

China And It's Crackdown On Internet Porn. Oh Noes!

For a country that has a great shortage of girls, it's safe to assume that a lot of Chinese men get their sexual gratification from whacking their ding-dongs to girls online tackling on probably two, three or even more dicks at a time. (Where gangbangs arises from a need more than a want)
Yes, I'm talking about porn!

In a country that is so hell-bent on controlling its population, I would have thought that the Chinese was using pornography to promote this cause, then I am proven wrong. "China warned Google and other popular Web portals Monday that they must do more to block pornographic material from reaching Chinese users, the latest in a series of government crackdowns targeting Internet content." A bold move once again China but think about it. If more dudes are furiously masturbating and getting their sexual gratification online there is no need to have real sex. Without real sex that significantly lowers the numbers of your limited girls getting pregnant. You therefore have a win-win situation.

I know this isn't about porn alone. China has been trying to heavily censor its internet and blocks anything they think is poisoning their population's minds... and failing!
Many Chinese users are able to go over the great firewall and surf sites that they want. A lot of Chinese bloggers have maintained sites and publish their thoughts so many others can know of the real situation there.
And fuck it China, you really need to review your stand and know what the internet was really intended for.

In situations like these it's perfectly okay to grab your dick, double click and watch all the pornography you can handle as errr a way of protest.

On a more serious note. Banning something will always have a severe side-effect. China being also one of the biggest exporters of pirated (often sexual) videos, sales of said product would just rise. Prohibition never works because people will always look for ways to obtain what they need and want. A crackdown on child porn is always welcome but pornography involving consenting adults is something that no one else should decide for you.

And for being patient enough to have read this far. Here are pictures of Zhang Ziyi sunbathing topless. (Thank me later...)