Thursday, June 14, 2007

10 Reasons For Practicing Masturbation (Female)

A great number of females are still very much shy in admitting that they masturbate.
Some even find the word disgusting, masking the word by referring to it as "doing the deed" "solo flight" and a lot more terms that I cannot even recall.

I for one have been one of those said females.
Growing up in an environment that somehow still find the talk of sex and the mere mention of that word as taboo.
Every question lingering in my mind was repressed.
Though I knew I could always go to my mom if I wanted answers, the mere thought of going to your parents to ask about delicate subjects was enough to scare me to wits end.
How could I?!?! I just couldn't!
The mere admission of self-pleasure would not only bring you "shame" *in society and close circle of friends* but reprimands from all sides telling you it is dirty, bad and disgusting.
Everyone is raised to follow the Christian law and be good, pure, meek individuals.
But everyone gets curious, and in their curiosity they look for answers anywhere even in inappropriate places, experimenting and then ending up fathering/mothering an unwanted, unplanned baby.

My view of the whole matter gradually changed when I started to be open with myself and be truthful to what I am, what I want and need.
Being honest with yourself is indeed the first and often hardest thing to do to achieve liberation.

I have been reading different articles on human psychology lately and with knowledge comes empowerment.
You no longer feel ashamed of something that is so natural and should be accepted as a human need.

I still cannot describe clearly how this whole journey has been so enlightening to me.
For I lack the words for it.
I just wish to share the things that I have read and found interesting to anyone who clicked and bothered to read.
More to come as I try to gather my thoughts.


1. Masturbation allows us to investigate our body and to discover the sensations, the movements, the caresses which excite us most. We then know best our sexual needs and the way of satisfying them. This knowledge can obviously be shared with our partner.

2. Masturbation is a physical and emotional reassurance. It releases the tensions that arise from sexual impulses, and helps us to sleep. No more need of sleeping pills!

3. It makes us more lucid by teaching us to separate love from sex. Reaching an orgasm obviously does not prove that one is in love!

4. If you're single, your will power may still fail concerning chocolate bars, but by masturbating regularly, you won't tear your hair out, and you won't be tempted to go to bed any more with whoever is handy.

5. It's an occasion to concentrate on your own pleasure, without needing to worry about your partner's pleasure.

6. Masturbation allows you to fight the effects of certain sexual dysfunctions: anorgasmy for women and premature ejaculation for men. After a period of abstinence, it's better if the man masturbates at least one hour before sexual intercourse; it'll help him to delay his ejaculation.

7. The more you masturbate; the more orgasms you can have, with or without your partner. Women who get used to masturbating until they have an orgasm have more chances to reach an orgasm later with their partner.

8. It's good for your health: orgasm increases the blood circulation, fights the effects of stress, and gives you sensational skin. For women, it strengthens and at the same time softens the muscles Kinsey used during love.

9. The report proved it: people who masturbate when young have a more fulfilled, more active sex life, and continue to do so much longer.

10. There is no evil in doing oneself good!


Berserker said...

I'm not a women, but I think you're right. One reason I would add is that it aids pregnancy: if you stay tight, then have sex just once before you give birth... theres no way that thing is coming out without hell! Women should loosen themselves just a little at least if they plan on giving birth. By masturbating, it can help. Perhaps we would have less C-Sections if more women masturbated.

As for men, masturbation is a vexing addiction which should be avoided! It lowers sperm count, testosterone, can reduce orgasm sensitivity(especially for circumsized men), and induce erectile dysfunction. But hey, no sense in not using a little moderation! :)

Eleany said...

"It lowers sperm count, testosterone, can reduce orgasm sensitivity(especially for circumsized men), and induce erectile dysfunction."

Hmmm... according to this article in

"Men who suffer from premature ejaculation can use masturbation to practice control."

So there is indeed great benefits for you guys in doing so. yeay! LOL

WickerMan said...

lol...neat article..not a woman tho...guess ive never tot bout stuff like this b4..may be 4 ot 5 pts...u ave given my tots new dimensions..and mastrubation is a natural it lot wen ppl openly talk bout sex..cheers..

Philcovers said...

Gosh you wrote this a long time ago lol. Humans should be more open like this, Good points. and as you know I am not a woman either. Interesting that I see only replies from men. Be interesting to have seen more responses from women.