Monday, June 18, 2007

Musings Of A Happily Ever After and 99c Weddings

June is here, apart from the start of classes the other reason why I hate this month is because its that time of the year again where most females are bombarded by advertisements of le grande weddings.
June being known as the 'wedding month' should be enough to give you that idea.
I have nothing against weddings. I just don't understand the ridiculous expenses people acquire just so they can have the most posh weddings to top the one their neighbor had last January or something like that.
But then again, that's just me.
If you take the time to read this article you will know exactly what I mean.

Competitive Wedding Syndrome is pushing up cost of average bash.

And I am not surprised at all. I still view marriage as an institution.
And every woman at one point in her life whether they admit it or not has thought about having a grand wedding and walking down the aisle in this beautiful gown made exclusively for them.
In that one moment she feels and looks like a princess and have the world's *well, probably not the world but everyone in that room's* attention.
The cake is grand, the music blazes as she walks down that aisle toward her prince charming whom she's going to spend the rest of her life and have lots of babies with.
All eyes are on her and this is her special day.
Its a fairytale come true!

But after the ceremony its a snap back to reality...
The problem with these grand weddings and their planners is that is how they want the bride and the people to believe.
Make her think that the only way that this life-time commitment would ever start on the RIGHT track is to spend thousands of hard-earned money on a party that would hardly last a day and whose ultimate goal is just to generally brag.
Then after everyone leaves and goes back to their mundane lives doing once again their jobs and routines the new Mr. and Mrs. Bridezilla are now knee deep in debt and instead of enjoying blissfully their first years together as man and wife, they are stuck paying for a debt they incurred for that supposedly happily-ever-after ending.

When poverty knocks at the door, love jumps out the window.
They would then have their fights, at first it starts with ordinary things then tension builds up, moving on to more pressing matters. It would reach a point where their differences would be irreconcilable that the only solution they have is to split up.
Now, many wonder why divorce rates these days are so high! *Am I the only one seeing this people?*

Anyway, its your money you are very much entitled to do whatever you want with it.
But for those with enough heart to hear what I have to say, do read on.
Its not about the wedding!!
All that hoopla boils down to one thing and one thing only, and that one thing is YOU and YOUR PARTNER.
If you are a bunch of millionaires who don't know how to spend your piles of cash anymore then go ahead give that muy grande wedding a shot.
You would be helping the community by providing more jobs by doing so.
But please regular joes and janes don't let the hoopla get to you!
It would be okay to spend some more on your wedding to make it special but don't go overboard!

The best start for your married life is not a grande wedding but a debt-free relationship and a down payment on your house, so that you won't be living like flies moving from one place to another.

IF I would ever get married I would want to make it special too but not at the cost of my future together with my hubby.
Besides, even if I go overboard I could only think of a few people *not more than 10* to invite to my wedding.
So the cost would probably balance itself out. haha
Just imagine spending a $200 or more per head on people you invited on your wedding.
And you came up with 500! Even inviting your kiddy friends back in nursery. WTF!

And here's some great news for those who wish to tie the knot but don't want to spend a fortune in doing so...
If you are living near or in Lewisville, TX then better head on down at this dollar store and tie the knot for the low, low price of 99c on the 30th of June 2007.
Hurry while you still can!
I keep repeating to myself that there is always a cheaper alternative and who knew it was for only 99c!?!

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