Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Wrong With Me?

I believe I am stuck in a stupid cycle of always letting go of the people I like. Somewhere between the introduction, getting-to-know-you chats, mobile phone texting, Skype video talks, AOL e-mail exchanges and Facebook status-liking it (whatever IT is) just stops dead on it's tracks and die a very quick death. Silence. No more communications. NOTHING!

After a few days of silence, I then end up spending hours trying to figure out what happened. I then have this burning need in me to find out the precise thing that caused its death. Where did it start getting wrong? Was it something I said, did, didn't do, posted, e-mailed, expressed, texted? Other matters creep into my brain until it hurts.

By then when my energy is already spent; this usually happens two weeks or so after the silence, I am already in the point where I feel a little bit of hatred for the guy because they acted like a dick and just dropped out. But then I end up pining for the guy because I miss the scintillating conversations. Yet I am hurt too and I am too proud to make the other move because I do not know what made them stop talking to me anyway and I might just end up embarrassing myself.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sendong Flood Relief

The tragedy that struck CDO is devasting but what pisses me off more is the lackadaisical way it is handled by the media. Just because its outside Metro Manila doesn't mean its any less of a tragedy!
Living in a country that's sitting astride the typhoon belt, most of the islands experience annual torrential rains and thunderstorms. The flood that devastated Cagayan de Oro is nothing one should be shocked about. Yet, it seems that the government has not learned any lesson, especially after what happened in Manila when Ondoy hit the country. Disaster-relief operations still seems like a foreign concept that the Philippine government cannot understand. Villages, barangays and cities are always caught unprepared for this type of mess!
The country should be prepared for typhoon-related emergencies already. Don't you ever learn lessons Pinas?
Cities and municipalities still cannot handle natural tragedies that hit them. Putting a lot of families lives at risk.

This is bullshit!

Anyway, enough of ranting. A lot of people are in need of help. Anything done to help them would be appreciated.
For Filipinos who wish to donate, even the smallest amount you could spare would mean a lot.
You can take out your cellphones and donate via text message. Just follow the instructions on this picture.

For other options, do check this out.

The PHILIPPINE ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS SOCIETY - (PATAS) is also conducting humanitarian work. We have volunteers already in the area. For those who wish to donate to PATAS for this cause please contact  Mr. Miguel Alfonso M. Murillo

For cash donors please forward all your donations to the following portals, whichever suits you. Miguel will give us detailed reports on what has been done.

For bank to bank transactions:
account name: Miguel Alfonso M. Murillo
account number: 9329 0693 51


Miguel Alfonso M. Murillo
Block -11 lot -11 Xavier Heights Subdivision Upper Balulang Cagayan de Oro City 9000

It is best to course the help directly to volunteers already in ground zero. This will eliminate unnecessary transaction fees in moving the money and will save time, also reach the people faster that badly needs the help most.Thank you EVERYONE!

Other portals:

Donate in Cash
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Savings Account No. 1443-05333-2

Donate in Kind
News5 Aksyon Center, TV5 office
San Bartlolome, Novaliches, Quezon City

News5 Aksyon Center hotline - 938-6393 

Donate in Cash
BDO Peso Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 39301-14199
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

BDO Dollar Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 39300-81622
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

PNB Peso Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 419-539-5000-13
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM

BPI Peso Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 3051-1127-75
Branch: West Triangle, Quezon City
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

BPI Dollar Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 3054-0270-35
Branch: West Triangle, Quezon City
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Donate in Kind
Sagip Kapamilya
ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.
Mother Ignacia cor. Eugenio Lopez St.
Diliman, Quezon City

(02) 411-4995
(02) 394-9272

Donate in Kind
Situation Awareness Center (SAC),
CRS AFP, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City

Landline: 912-6615
CP Nr. (0917)2471252
Focal Person: LTCOL ROLANDO RODIL, Opns Officer

Again, my sincerest thank you to everyone!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Memoriam: Christopher Eric Hitchens

When I read the news that Christopher Hitchens has died I just felt frozen for a minute and I couldn't believe the words I was staring at on my screen. It seemed like a big joke. If there was a man whom I thought Death would avoid for as long as it could, it would be Christopher Hitchens. He could probably say something clever to Death's face and send him laughing, telling him to come back another day.

But December 15, 2011 would now be remembered as a sad day for the freethinking world. He was 62 and battling esophageal cancer, he put up a good fight for as long as he could.

I never got to see Hitchens in person. I never personally knew the man. But I will be forever grateful to him for the things he has done. Watching Hitchen's videos on Youtube and other various websites, reading his books, writings and listening to whatever audio I manage to come across somehow made me feel I have an ally in him.
His works had a very strong influence in my life especially his criticisms about religion. He made me realize that I need not be ashamed to admit that I am a non-believer. I should not be ashamed on calling people out on their bullshit. I should not be ashamed when my thoughts and opinions would not agree with the majority. Sometimes I could not understand what he was talking about, especially when it was about politics. Simply because I was not as informed as him. But then again, we also really do not have anyone we can agree with 100%. That is just absurd.

His powerful words stirred the fire of strength and life in me. He showed that one need not be afraid to stand up for what they truly believed in. One should be free to voice out his opinions and declare his thoughts. And even though your thoughts may not always go well with the majority, if you speak the truth and you have the evidence to back it up then be strong, be firm, speak up and truly the world will listen.

The exposures he did on famous personalities at one point or another has made him quite unpopular. Yet, since he could back-up his opinions, the world listened and watched and what he said forever changed it.

My heart truly aches for the loss of this great thinker. Yet I am also feeling grateful that I was able to live in a time when he lived. I got to witness his work. He may be dead but his works and words will live on.

“Hitchens’ mastery of a logical argument along with his confident demeanor gave many the courage to come out of the atheist closet,” Roy  Speckhardt said about him.

Hitch I salute you!

Some of Christopher Hitchens' quotes that I love and treasure.

“You don’t so much as become an atheist as find out that’s what you are. There’s no moment of conversion. You don’t suddenly think ‘I don’t believe this anymore.’ You essentially find you don’t believe it,” Christopher Hitchens said in an interview with Sally Quinn.

"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."

"For a lot of people, their first love is what they'll always remember. For me it's always been the first hate, and I think that hatred, though it provides often rather junky energy, is a terrific way of getting you out of bed in the morning and keeping you going. If you don't let it get out of hand, it can be canalized into writing. In this country where people love to be nonjudgmental when they can be, which translates as, on the whole, lenient, there are an awful lot of bubble reputations floating around that one wouldn't be doing one's job if one didn't itch to prick."

"The only real radicalism in our time will come as it always has — from people who insist on thinking for themselves and who reject party-mindedness."

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So here I am, pondering about what happened this year. Over all I can say 2011 was not so bad. A lot of new things happened and many doors were opened. I got to meet good people and experienced new things but it seems the good ride is coming to a halt. Personal life and my career (if I can consider my current job as one) are slowly heading down a slippery slope.

When they said life was like a wheel, they meant it. I just now fully realized what it truly means and I'm hating it. It would be much easier if we get a clear warning whenever our wheel heads down.

I made so many stupid moves lately. I've been irrational.
Also I seem to have alienated a few good people or I suppose they have now decided to distance themselves from me. I can't tell anymore.

I admit that oftentimes I try not to care, no matter how much I do because I realize that sometimes you can mean nothing to someone who means so much to you. It's not pride, it is self-respect.
They're the ones who promise a lot of things, say they'll always be there but when tomorrow comes they are gone and you find yourself alone again.

But I guess the important thing is to keep and cherish the good memories. And as always, one must go on. I must continue and see where all this will take me.

This post doesn't mean anything. I just want to vent out frustrations.