Saturday, June 16, 2007

Posing For Photographs

I admit, at times I could be very vain and conceited.
Being told lots of compliments when they see a picture or two has indeed boosted my ego to soaring heights.
There are moments that it did get to my head, that much I'd be honest.

Looking at profiles in different social websites to kill time, I came across lots of pictures.
Females often post the most provocative, beautiful, sexy etc *insert adjective here* pictures.
And I am not an exception. I too have done the same at one point or another.
The goal is not always to lure men to your profile, like what most of you would probably think
But, somehow you just want to preserve that moment in time where you posed for a photograph and it turned out so right. You felt so beautiful that now you are no longer ashamed to post and let the world see.
The minute second was captured where you felt beautiful and preserved for eternity.

Seeing the different photographs of strangers is a humbling experience.
There are by far more gorgeous people out there and if you think you are all that good, then think again.
Letting compliments get to your head can do so much damage to your person as a whole.
"For always there will someone greater or lesser than you."
That is how the world works and it won't change any time soon.

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Jeigaman said...

m'Leany - i dont think you have too many problems getting a good shot for the cameras.

Your just naturally charming doncha know!

But hey good work on your blogs so far - their an interesting read i'll give you that