Monday, June 18, 2007

For Papa On Father's Day

LADIES and gentlemen...
It is only fitting that we at least set aside one day to pay tribute to a very important man in our lives, without whom none of us would be here.

He's the man who toil and work in order to provide for our needs.
The man standing right behind us in order to give us that boost when at times we just feel so down.
Most of the time he's the one who teaches us the real valuable lessons in life like driving and punching that little sleaze bag who kept pulling our hair while we were in kindergarten.
His goal was not to make us violent. All he wished to do was encourage us to fight back, stand up for ourself and not act like a wimp and cry our eyes out whenever things just don't go along our way, because he knew he won't always be there to guide and help us when things get rough.

Though he's not as good at reading stories, he tells us of different tales not found in fairytale books of happily-ever-afters and fairies but of real people!
He's not afraid to make himself look silly by re-living the action scenes for us so that we'll chuckle.
At times he gets annoying, constantly spying who we are out with, imposing strict rules, even eavesdropping in telephone conversations, interrogating the potential hombre who might "hurt" his princess in the near future, being so strict it seems like he's only doing so to annoy us.
But whether its admitted or not, deep down in our hearts we know that he's only doing so, because he is concerned and is only looking out for our best interests.

Sadly, most of us only realize this the moment its too late.
When he's gone and words would no longer reach his ears.
Words of gratefulness, appreciation, sorry and love.
Pride prevents us from ever telling him how much we appreciated the times he tried making and giving us things. No matter how silly at times the requests are, he seldom says no or turns it down.
Sometimes we feel that we need not thank him because it is his obligation to do so, which I believe is pretty wrong.
Apart from clothing, food, shelter and education he's not really required to do much, yet he does so out of the sheer goodness and love in his heart.

Papa I was never really able to tell you how much I love you and that I thank you for everything that you did for us.
You were one of the best! We shall forever miss you but you will always be in our hearts and no one can ever replace you there.
I love you pa, rest in peace... Happy Father's Day!

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