Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reflections On Turning A Year Older

It’s been a week since I turned a year older and a new decade for me has begun. There certainly isn’t avoiding it and finally, I have arrived at that junction where we drop off the baggage of young and carefree 20s and step on the platform for serious, reflective, and pensive 30s. There were no big celebrations that heralded my “arrival” but I had hours to reflect about things and examine where my life has brought me. Every year it seems birthdays have become more like a time for reflections and not of parties and as much as I try to be “saddened” by being older the truth is I don’t really feel that bad.

This year has certainly been challenging to say the least. Dealing with body changes is one of them. I have to finally face the truth that this corporeal form will no longer have the recuperating powers of my old self. Any type of liquor now wreaks havoc on my insides and my gut just wants to purge anything I imbibe with alcohol in it the moment it touches my lips.

Being patient seems harder now. Back then I could deal with more bull crap and just smile through it all. Now I feel like I either explode if I don’t remove myself from the irritants or I just don’t have what it takes to put up with it all so I just leave, go away, depart. The latter is the alternative I choose to embrace and do.

Thus leading me to realize that some battles and fights are just not worth it. Having been a strong believer of always standing up and fighting for what you believe in and sticking up for your rights at 30 I finally feel that there are arguments that are not worth the time you invest in it. And even if you have a compelling reason to spar with a person “winning” will not bring you anything and will only cost you so much in terms of time wasted.

Time. I’ve learned to value that in a whole new different light. I’ve often joked that I’ll be lucky if I live through 40 because it seems then that I just rush through my life without stopping to really appreciate the things that is happening around me.

Sleep has certainly become an indulgence that I happily give into without feeling the guilt of it.
Its one luxury that I can enjoy without worrying that I’m burning a hole through my wallet. And that certainly is the beauty of it.

And yes I do realize nobody else gives a fuck that I am in my age now. And that does not bother me a bit. As I said before, this is a moment of reflection after all and I would like to thank everyone who greeted, called, texted, and got in touch with me on my birthday.

Sincerely, I thank you for remembering and for taking the time to make your greetings known.

Cheers all and have a good day/night!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day Papa

To the man who held my hand and taught me how to walk. Thank you.
To the man who dried my tears when I cried, and told me to be strong. Thank you.
To the man who taught me how to fight and punch, even though I am girl. Thank you.
To the man who encouraged me to be free, be everything I want to be. Thank you.
To the man who made me appreciate the Bisaya language, and explained things to me. Thank you.
To the man who gave me everything and providing for us with the best he could offer. Thank you.
To the man who spoiled me rotten and made me his little "princess". Thank you.
To the man who loved my mom dearly. Thank you.
To the man whom I owe everything but never asked for anything in return. Thank you.
To the man who made me, ME. Thank you.

For all those times I left it unsaid...

Papa, thank you!

You were always patient with me even during my rebellious teenage years.
You always said all you wanted was to see me "happy" and not once did you ever doubt me and my capabilities.

There were never any "Good-byes" between us. You never said you'd leave. Now, all I do is carry your memories within me. Your memories that keep me going as I tread through life.

You'd always live in my heart. There's a special place you hold dearly.

Papa there isn't a day that goes by without me not missing you.

I will always celebrate "Father's Day" because I was lucky to have had you.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Parenting: Some People Need To Be Castrated

I started working in a call center about a month ago. You see, after seven years of being a freelancer, I thought a change of environment and an opportunity to network and build contacts once again is necessary. So I signed up for a seasonal account selling goodies on the phone and helping people make choices on what gift to send. What I like about this is that for a short time I get to socialize with people and also get to talk to different individuals on the telephone. Years of being a freelancer and concentrating on mainly codes and programs can get isolating. This short change was a welcome one.

But there are a few instances while on the telephone that I am reminded why I quit the call center industry in the past and why I detest most people and hold the opinion that many do not deserve to have kids. Some of these people should have no right to have children nor be allowed to pass their genes (and stupidity) in any way possible as they have the personality of a mega bitch and fucking dickwad and will most probably raise little monsters that grow up to be psychotic morons that populate our precious planet.

Case in point. I received a phone call and the prompt was supposed to be a sales call. While saying my opening spiel, this guy immediately interrupted me and asked "So shut up for a bit, are you a call center agent?" in my mind I was saying, "Well, duh, sir. I'm actually a Power Ranger but this time I'm just taking calls."

I just said, "Yes" and then he immediately said, "Wait a minute. I want you to talk to my little daughter because I want her to know how you sound like."

Image found on the net. Does not represent the actual caller nor his daughter.
Just so you dear readers know, you get all sorts of requests on the telephone which borders from the ho-hum to the bizarre. This one didn't sound bad at all so I said, "Sure sir!" and patiently waited on the phone for his daughter.

Then all of a sudden a sweet, young voice of a child probably four or five chimed in on the other end and she said "Hello!" in a very bubbly voice. Wanting to make a good impression on the child, I said "Hi there!" in my most friendly, perky manner. Then I heard the father saying, "Give me the telephone now, you heard her. See, that's how a loser sounds like." Then I heard the father on the line again saying, "I just wanted my daughter to hear what a loser sounds like." then he hung up.

This incident, although just short and could easily be dismissed as something harmless, made me think for quite some time. Did that moron of a father actually thought that he was setting a fine example for his daughter? Instead of raising his child to be a well-rounded, respectful, and kind individual he has set an example that it is fine to look down on another human being. He set the example that just because someone sounds different on the telephone or probably doing a job which he thinks is beneath him, then it is already fine to berate an individual. Thank you gentleman for teaching your daughter to be an entitled person who looks down on their fellow human being who is just trying to earn their keep doing a decent job, sir. I can only hope that when your daughter grows up, she will realize what a pathetic thing you did and would turn out to be a better individual.

This also made me appreciate my father even more and miss him so much. Even though he was a poor man who grew up in a third world country, he would also remind us that all people need to be respected. He was the man who taught me to stand up for myself and be strong. He never tolerated when we would act like snotty brats and would always take the time to talk to my brother and I whenever he can. Thank you papa for your life lessons.

As for the moron who did that "prank" and was probably proud of himself for having pulled a "smart one". Give yourself a pat on the back sir. This might be your biggest life achievement of all. *claps*