Friday, July 09, 2010

Thoughts of Death On A Friday Morning

Last June 30 was supposed to be my dad’s birthday. We do not celebrate it the usual way anymore since he has already passed away. The entire family just went to the cemetery, offer our candles and prayers for his departed soul as this has already become our “tradition” whenever this day comes.

The cemetery lot he’s buried in has been in the Borces/Codeniera clan for years. Anybody from our clan that dies is buried in that small plot of land. Since the area is quite small, to make up for lack of space, burial chambers are built atop one another. The Philippine burial places look funny when one thinks about it. I would like to think they resemble little condo unit boxes for the dead.

Seeing my dad’s final resting somehow pains me. Even in death, he seems to be stuck and crowded in.

When we returned home I immediately looked up prices for new burial lots. The idea of getting our own cemetery lot appealed to me. That way, we won’t be forced to “share” or make room for future relatives that might pass away. Yet, when I looked at the prices online for these small plots of land my jaw literally dropped. I did not expect that it would cost so much! A plot of land can equal to investing in a small house.

Seeing this, I could only shake my head. Why does it have to cost so much when it is for the dead? I know and understand people could be sentimental because I feel the same way too about my loved ones but then it also made me realize that if ever I would pass away I do not wish my folks and family to be bothered. The thought of being buried without even undergoing the usual customary procedures suddenly appealed to me. Just wrap my body up, don’t pump it full of embalming fluids, bury it deep and then plant a tree to mark my grave. Then, sit back, relax and let Mother Nature do its thing. I think, is more appealing.

I looked up other “burial” alternatives and my research proved to be interesting.

A sky burial is also good. At least you would directly provide food to the other members of the food chain.

Cremation is expensive now. Plus the amount of fuel needed to char one’s bones is too high.

Yet, the most interesting one I have recently encountered so far is the plan to just dissolve corpses and flush them down the drain. Literally!

“The end result is a small quantity of green-brown liquid containing amino acids, peptides, sugars and salts.” Sounds yummy? Do read more for yourself here and then be the judge.

I’ll get back to the usual daily grind of my boring life and hopefully won’t kick the bucket any time soon. I’m broke and can’t afford a funeral.