Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pants On Poochie

You can call it my pet peeve, an irritant of some sort. Because it really pisses me off when I see people clothe their animals.
Why do people put clothes on their pets? Why???
It is something which I strongly believe is stupid and crazy!
Whenever I see such a sight I can't help but feel sorry for the animal.
This trend was started by an equally stupid person; Paris Hilton. Now, almost everyone is doing it to their pets.

No matter in what angle I try to look at it, I do not find it cute!
Merely just a waste of money. Now, there are hundreds of companies trying to cash in on this ever-growing stupid trend.
There are already companies that cater to pets. They have a line of clothing for dogs and other animals that includes jackets, shirts, pants, accessories and even shoes! for pete's sake!
No self-respecting dog would ever put on a pair of sandals if its up to their choice! *even if god would give them the ability to put on those things themselves*

Don't get me wrong, I am a pet-lover too and I own 3 dogs, 4 puppies and a cat. I love them with all my heart and I pamper them as much as possible, treat them like babies. But I do not put them in clothes because I have not forgotten one thing, THEY ARE ANIMALS! Animals that need not be clothed!

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Ankit said...

everyone hates paris hilton.. why is she famous?? maybe thats why.. anyway.. i dont think the trend was started with her.. probably in some colder parts of the world to protect the pets from cold or somethin.. but ya some of it is pretty stupid no doubt..

JeanGray said...

I know that there is practicality in putting clothes on your pets if you live in a country with such harsh, cold climates.

But for someone to put on doggy sweaters on a poodle in a tropical country like the Philippines is absolutely ridiculous!
But a lot of people are doing so since they also see the local celebrities dress their pets in almost all manner of clothing.
And these local celebs take their cue from their Hollywood counterparts.

Total idiocy!

Berserker said...

nothing spells idiocy better than naked people at a beach walking clothed dogs!

jack frost said...

hope you dont ever get to know about dog condoms, and contraceptives.