Friday, August 17, 2007

Changing Times?

*Don't even think about it bub! That person is only 15 years old! So kindly get your hand out of your pants lol*

I have said before that kids today are growing up at such a rapid rate, sometimes you tend to think they all skipped that part of growing up and immediately moved on to being adults.
Looks-wise probably this is most true.

I was once again reminded of this when I chanced upon this blog entry.
My sympathies goes out to this dude, its alright, I don't think you are a dirty old man.
With how kids dress today and look sometimes it can't be helped that they would attract sexual attention from older people. *Though this is not reason for older people to act on their desires*

I have also heard of so many stories of men being imprisoned, labeled as sex offenders for dating a minor because they lied about their age. *This excludes the DateLine NBC's To Catch A Predator category* where they knew, were informed at the beginning that the other person is supposed to be underage and still continued with their perverted desires.

They look old and mature too so I can't really blame these guys for believing their lies.

What sort of punishment would be appropriate for a minor who does something like this or would it be okay to let them off the hook because they are kids?

As kids we already know what the difference between good and bad is.
When we did something wrong like tell fibs, most of the time our parents had some sort of punishment ready for us so we be discouraged in doing it again.
So, I ask in these instances where the minor had the full knowledge of what they were doing and still did it anyway, what should be done?

I always shout bullshit when some people say they would acquit the kids of all the blame because they did not know what it is they were doing!

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Ankit said...

Anything we do all comes down to choices.. some people have enough emotional intelligence to make the right ones.. some lucky ones have people pushing them to make the right ones.. some others dont.. that makes all the difference i guess..
but again how can we say growing up is wrong.. physically or mentally.. depends!

jack frost said...

you are rite about the kids....
kids being innocent is history.
they know everything from fags to sex
look at her...
i wonder what she'd look like whenshe's 25. i really pity her for that.
when I was 23, I wasnt allowed into a Bond movie coz it was [A] rated, and I looked like i was less than 18.
aaah.. lucky me.

JeanGray said...

Growing up is not wrong, it is but natural. And I'm not questioning about them making choices. We have all the right to make our own decisions. But when making choices, we should also think about the possibilities, the consequences of our actions. We should be held accountable for the consequences or our OWN actions.

Kids make choices and most of them are not smart. It is the point in one's life where we make most of our mistakes, we learn.
But our being young should not be reason enough to give us license to ruin other people's lives.
When a person is accused of a crime, considered a heinous one at that, yet they did not know that what they did was a crime because they were fed the wrong information. Shall we put all the blame on him alone just because he was considered older by a couple of years? I don't think it is fair to.

JeanGray said...

@Jack Frost
Lucky you indeed! Tell me,what anti-aging cream do you us? lol Many would love to be accused of being younger. Especially the women. I.D.s here don't work since anything and everything could be falsified.

Ankit said...

totally agree with the last part.. and even i didnt meant that in anyway they r at fault..
all comes down to the choice made by the parents i guess...