Saturday, August 04, 2007

I Now Remember Why I Abandoned Watching Local Shows

What the hell happened to the Filipino shows?
Everything is so trashy these days!
I seldom tune into local networks now. And looking at local channels again, I realize why I almost abandoned watching TV.

All the shows are crap!
And thats putting it rather mildly.

Many older folks wonder why kids today have dumbed down. If only they'd watch what's being fed to our youths, what type of information these little sponges are absorbing via the tube, they would know the answer to their questions.

I have categorized all the shows in prime time into 3, not counting the NEWS of course. But then again, most news today are all about celebrities and what they do with their pathetic lives. They think that people care who it is they are rumored to currently sleep with, who's their new beaus/girlfriends, what type of fights they are into etc.
I will try to word it out in a language many would understand...

So, can you please give us decent news?

Here are the three categories:

1) The cheesy dramas/soap operas/koreanovels

Good lord please spare the young Filipino masses!
Its always the same story over and over and over again!

Poor girl and her family is abused.
Poor girl decides to fight back
Poor girl gets job
Poor girl gets successful
Poor girl is always pretty
Poor girl gets rich boy of abusive rich family to fall in love with her
Rich boy already has vile, malevolent girlfriend
Vile, malevolent girlfriend schemes with rich boy's family to break the relationship apart
Vile, malevolent girlfriend and abusive family never succeeds
Vile malevolent girl friend and abusive family becomes poor
Poor girl becomes rich and helps rich boy

And with other plots either the bad guys die and they all live happily ever after


Its the same story time and time again, you can immediately tell what would happen next. But it seems the people can't seem to get enough of this trash.
Every local channel has their version of this story. Same thing only with different actors/actresses!

When will you people learn?

2) Fantaserye/magic

The story again is poor and lame
The special effects horrendous
And did I say the story is poor and lame?
Oh yes I did!
Its more or less the same with the cheesy dramas/soap operas/koreanovels but this time they tossed in a few elves, dwarfs, ghouls and other creatures that I can't even identify.
Never thought provoking...


3) Comedy/sitcom/gameshow

If the contestants in said game shows are not celebrities, you can bet your last cookie they won't win the grand prize.
Pre-planned? Its up to you to judge...

The comedy is hardly ever funny in local sitcoms.
Most is slapstick.
They always pick on some random ugly and/or gay dude to be the recipient of all their nasty jokes and crass humor. They do so because they know damn well their jokes are not funny.


I am no longer surprised why the IQ's of today's Filipino generation is way below satisfactory.

With what they are watching on tv today, it is more entertaining watching monkeys throw shit at each other.
Uhm wait! We see that on t.v. everyday as well.

All I can do is shake my head.

Give me a good book anytime please!

And thank God for cable and satellite. Amen!

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Ankit said...

keep off these networks i guess.. am happy to say things r lot better here for sure!