Sunday, September 16, 2007

This World Is Going To The Dogs

As I've said before I hate it when people try to dress up their pets, especially their dogs.
And just when I thought I've seen everything when it comes to doggy couture something pops that literally makes me shout "WHAT THE FUCK!!!"

A woman started a company that designs wigs for dogs.
Yes, you read it right! She is making dog wigs.
Why a dog would need or even want a wig is beyond me.
I can't find any logical explanation for it. I just can't!

I do admire this woman for her shrewd business mind.
Now, a part of me wishes I have thought of that.

Anyway, I'm sorry I cannot give you guys more information on this one because I just came across this and hell I did not have the strength to do a search on it because I was laughing way too hard upon looking at the pictures and then being mad because the thought of the dogs being forced to wear such ridiculous things entered my mind.

Poor pooches!!!

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Hershey Desai said...

well it is understandable I guess.
After all, they have their own playhouse, special food, their own accessories etc. It was not long before they need wigs..why need them? so look prettier.

Though I wonder what will a female dog think when she marries a male dog for his looks and realizes he was wearing a toupee. That would be awkward.

wigs and dogs...of all the stupid ideas...

why not a dog salon while we are at it.

JeanGray said...

"why not a dog salon while we are at it."

They already have it here pal, dog boutiques too and dog schools.
Just little institutions where you can send your precious pooch so they can be trained to "behave" and do some tricks like dropping dead and rolling over.
Talks of a pet hotel are also in the air.

I went to this place and inquired because I was curious, asked how much they charge for it.
Turns out you'd be shelling top money if you want to enroll your pet there. About Php40,000.00(USD$869) for the whole training program.