Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sleep Deprived

There are times when I find it really hard to sleep.
I don't know if subconsciously I am avoiding it.
Sometimes I could stay up for days. I've been up three consecutive days without getting any shut eyes.
It was a horrendous experience but sleep just eludes me.
My mind seems restless and troubled.
Yet, whenever I try to sleep, I just can't!
I lie there staring up at the ceiling and thoughts just flood my mind.
Fuck it! I know what you are all thinking and NO I'M NOT ON ANY DRUGS/LIQUOR!
I just had to make it clear.

Days errr nights like these I spend it on polishing my writing.
I try to jot down the thoughts that crowd my head, yet every time I pick up my pen and start, the thoughts that were once there suddenly just vanish in thin air and I'm left with a void, a blank. Nothing comes out!
It sucks!

But last night was different, hell I couldn't sleep again so I was back in my old cycle.
This time, I partially won the battle. I was able to write something down.
It's still is not quite finished. But I decided to put it in here anyway.
Love it or hate it. This blog is just all about me baby!

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I couldn't come up with a title, so suggestions are also welcome.


Ankit said...

since im reading this one for the 2nd time.. though i really cant think of anything to comment on the 1st time.. let me give it a shot :P
sleep is turning out to be pretty elusive even for me.. it just eats me up! well anyway.. maybe this rant will help you.. happy sleeping!

JeanGray said...

You are not required to comment every time :p but thanks.

I just can't seem to think straight these days, due to lack of sleep or it could be vice versa.