Friday, August 31, 2007

Blood Moon Rising

Last August 29, 2007 was very memorable for me.
Not only did my mom reach "Golden Girl" status by turning into the big Five-0, a rare event also took place. A total lunar eclipse happened. But it wasn't like most lunar eclipses.
The moon this time indeed looked like a big round pizza pie smothered in tomato sauce. It was red!

The weather wasn't so favorable at the start of the eclipse.
It was partly cloudy here in Cebu and we were not able to set-up camp at one of the mountains.
We didn't have any special instruments aiding us in watching this wonder, left only with our naked eyes we prayed for good weather.
I was hoping fervently for the pesky clouds to part so that I could witness it.
Enduring all sorts of insect bites in the chilly early evening air.

Finally the clouds gave way and I was squealing like a piglet for everyone to come out and see!
They have all gone inside to watch tv or do other things thinking that the weather would be crappy the rest of the night.

Then we saw it. After looking up a few minutes, slowly having stiff necks.
They all went inside and started to watch tv again. Saying it was "Okay" "So that's how it looks, beautiful!" and that's about it.
I, on the other hand, dashed inside and took out my camera and started snapping pictures.
Wishing to preserve a part of it.

I don't have a high-end digital camera. I just used a Kodak C330 for taking these photos.
The resolution is crap! But this is the best I could do with the equipment that is at my disposal.
Still, even with the crappy resolution, I would share my pictures. I'm generous like that.
And I was kind of proud of myself for taking said photos. I rarely take photos.

This last one is not actually mine, I saw it online.
Had the weather been favorable and if I had better equipment, the pictures would have looked something like this.

I was just chuckling on the inside when I heard the old folks' tales, explanations and superstitious beliefs about the total lunar eclipse.

Some did not permit the children, especially the very young ones from going out past 6:00pm.
Pregnant women were also forbidden to step outside the house much more look at the moon at the time it happened.

They still view the eclipse as a bad omen.
It has something to do with a giant fish-like creature swallowing the moon that time.
Pregnant women were not allowed to look at it, as it may have adverse effects on the unborn baby.

Still, it was fun listening to these folktales.
For those who were too chicken to step out and look.
Well, there is always a next time.
Since lunar eclipses happen at least twice a year.


Ankit said...

good thing you're not in India.. here its big time bad omen to see a lunar eclipse.. !!! some superstitions just dont make any sense.. :P

JeanGray said...

I tango with danger! lol

I love hearing these old superstitions. Great source for jokes.
And all superstitions don't make any sense.hehe