Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kiddie Skanks Or Idiotic Parents?

I was in the mall yesterday and it was one of those days when you just have a lot of time to kill.
I didn’t buy anything, I just sat in one of my favorite coffee shops and observed people passing by as I sip a nice cold mocha frappe.

It really warms my heart to see families going out and just have a good time. I sometimes say to myself, one day I’m going to get married and have a family of my own. Seeing the cute kids with their moms and dads running about after them is one of my favorite sights to see.
The mall is like their playground.
Yup! Kids look so innocent.

But, upon closer observation, you stop and shout, EGAD! What are those kids wearing?!?!
I am shocked at the sight of these kids *little girls* wearing clothes that are too raunchy to put it the least.
I don’t know what possessed their parents to buy such distasteful items for their darling little daughters, but it is somehow just not right.

I saw a kid wearing boots, a black mini skirt with sheer stockings, a white shirt that was tied at the front and then maybe to add a little innocence to the whole she-bang she had pigtails on.
At first I didn’t notice, not until one of my friends pointed it out.

She was with mommy!
And in the back of my mind, I just wanted to give mommy a good smack on the head for letting her probably five or six year old daughter get out of the house looking like a mini whore. How could she let her daughter walk around in such an outfit?
Maybe, she felt it as okay because she was with her. But, its just not right.

Another kid I saw was probably nine, she had a very tight top on and she wore red pants with the word “JUICY” imprinted at the bum in black and glitter accents.
Plus, a lot others too. Wearing tube tops, mini mini skirts, tops that are designed for more mature bodies.

If you go to the children’s wear section, the clothes available there looks like it was for a much older woman but in quarter sizes.
Whatever happened to the children’s outfits of frills, bows, cutey bears and other things?
Where did it all go?
It seems they are inviting unwanted paedophilic attention! *my term by the way, no use to look it*
I just hate it! But is it really the kids’ fault or their parents?

Can you blame these little girls, if they want to look like their favorite pop or tv skank icon/stars?
Or must you blame the parents for them looking like mini trailer trash copies?
Others think its its neither of the two's fault, instead pointing out a stubby finger at the media for portraying such things.
They have forever destroyed humanity’s perception of morality *if there was any to begin with* by broadcasting such things as booty shaking, tight outfits, sex, girls like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, etcetera.

Most girls try to emulate Barbie, Bratz and those other dolls mass-produced and vastly marketed as child icons, toys and idols. Damn it! At such a young age they are already being brainwashed as to what beautiful ought to be. No wonder these kids grow up with such distorted views of their own selves, bodies and of the world.

I wish I could say that the situation is improving. But, who am I kidding here. It is only worsening every single day.


Kalyan said...

You are spot-on. Poor taste of the Parents, rather their apathy, towards their kids' dresses can be witnessed in almost all the Malls here (I mean New Delhi). I was really shocked the other day when I saw a bunch of 9-10 year old girls in outfits which made them look like coming straight from some Who-looks-the-best-Tween-Whore Show. The sight sucked.

Ankit said...

I was really happy to read this post since its always good to know when people share your point of view.. According to me its the parents to be blamed.. and the whole concept of so called "beauty".. u should come see here.. with all the fairness creams and what not.. truely stupid!
but im happy to say not everyone endorses the view.. :)

Ps said...

Hi--Here from Ankit.
I work with children.I do my workshops on thinking skills and core value reinforcement.

Being a mother of two (including a daughter!) qualifies me to speak strongly on this topic I guess.

You are SO VERY RIGHT.It is the way you raise the children--and what what values you put in them that matters.
Also most kids imitate the older ones.The little boys want to dress up like big boys.The little girls want to dress up like the big girls(the teenagers and the young Veejays who are their role models)
Many a time I am shocked at how parents of teenagers let them go out that way.
Through right parenting one can raise kids strong enough to resist peer pressure, and to stand up for what THEY believe in.
I'd be happy if my children turned out that way.

Sach said...

i think not only da kids r 2 b blamed..many a times even da parents r 2 adamant in ruling their kids life...