Sunday, July 29, 2007


One of my new online hobbies is to tinker with avatars.
I have never liked playing with dolls as a kid.
Having found no enjoyment in playing dress up. I preferred the boys games and toys.
So this is the closest I am getting to actually playing with dolls.

One of these online avatars I tinker with is Yahoo.
I noticed that Yahoo has uploaded a lot of new backgrounds and outfits to their custom options.
One that caught my eye was the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras background and Ifugao costume.

I guess I was the only one feeling the irony of it when Yahoo did it. I asked if this was some sort of joke. Knowing very well when Yahoo uploaded these updates the local and even international news agencies were buzzing of the gruesome and untimely death of Julia Campbell.

My condolences goes out to the Campbell family. Julia has done so much for this country and she did not deserve any of it. Knowing well she loved the Filipino people with all her heart.

The news was all over the place. It got so bad that the tourism industry there plummeted to an all-time low.
I asked myself if they purposely timed the release of this new background as a way of helping the country or mocking it by riding the waves of popularity the bad news has generated.
Well, I could not find answers to those questions.
And in fairness to Yahoo they did make it look so scenic and nice.

I was inspecting it with a giant magnifying glass the other day when my brother came in and saw what I was doing, he was "curious" to put it mildly, asking me what on earth I was up to.
I told him to just shut up and help me spot a leg or arm sticking out in the background as a tell-tale sign of a bad portrayal of our country.
He shook his head wearily, as if of pity. An indication that I have finally lost my mind.

I stopped, told myself maybe he's right this time.
But one must always keep an eye out for these sort of things, you see.
And to conclude this little story, I didn't find any appendages or body parts in the picture.
But then again I have terrible eyesight. So if you spot anything, buzz me!

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Ankit said...

well cant see any body parts.. but then i dont have a magnifying glass.. that would have been an amusing sight..!!
but i do hope and believe that sites such as yahoo wont do it mockingly..