Monday, July 02, 2007

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil… pure, rich and utterly good for the hair.
For centuries my people have been using it to beautify their tresses and give it that sweet, bouncy, lively shine.
For the past year or so though a lot of hype has been spread of the oil's beneficial goodness for the body once ingested.
And in a short amount of time there have been lots of brands out there suddenly popping up on the counters that have come up with their own formulations, flavors and other whatnots claiming theirs is the most pure coconut oil out in the market today.
The list of diseases it could cure/prevent is long and uhmmm impressive.
• could prevent heart ailments
• cure/prevent certain vitamin deficiency
• can aid in weight loss
• can restore hair
• prevent hair loss
• detoxify the body
• It is anti anything! antihistamines, antiinfectives/antiseptics, promoters of immunity, glucocorticoid antagonist, nontoxic anticancer agents,
• Anti-obesity
• Anti-aging
Blah blah blah blah blah…
*just google it if you are really interested to know more of the miraculous healing powers of the coconut oil lol*

Well, my friend and other people I know have been pestering me errr suggesting that I should get into it.
Take some, see and experience for myself all the health goodness that my body could surely benefit from it.
There is nothing I would lose, they kept pressing on.
Its good for me, they say.
I will be more healthy etc.
After months of pestering well, I finally gave in and decided to give it a shot. I went down to the nearest pharmacy and bought a 500ml bottle of said oil.

When I got home I sat in my room, took out the bottle from the plastic bag and started to read whatever was written on the packaging.
Yup! All looked okay to me!

I got a small medicine cup and poured about 2tbsp of coconut oil.
How it glistened under the fluorescent light.
It looked so clear and shiny!
I held it to my nose and smelled it.
It’s a habit of mine, to take a good whiff and sniff of what the food product I’m about to ingest first.
It smelled like coconut alright!
Hmmm… This could actually be good, I mused to myself.

Then without further hesitations I drank all the contents of that little cup in one gulp.

It was absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

I was very close to puking in my room and gagging for something, just about anything to wash it down!
How it slid in my throat and made all the hairs on my body stand!
Que horror!!!

I think it is one of the most vile substances I have ever ingested!
Probably next to that aloe vera juice extract my mom made me drink years ago also because it claimed to have beneficial effects.

How people were able to stomach such things is a big mystery to me!
I wanted to shake like I was parapalegic because of the taste. *not in a good way*

Then they say to try the flavored ones available in the market today.
It might be better.
I was foolish to give in to the first one, but hey since all they want is something good for me.
I tried it again.
I'm so easy to convince, really easy.
Anybody could probably talk me into something foolish if they are sweet enough *just kidding*

I tried the banana flavored one.
Banana being one of my favorite fruits.
*Okay you perverts, no need to think nasty now. I really mean the fruit. That yellow thing growing from that tree like plant*
Holy Cow! It was still disgusting!
I said to myself I’m never drinking this vile, evil, disgusting substance ever!
*But knowing me, I'd probably give it another shot to see if I still have the same reaction later.*

I was about to throw the whole thing out but then hey I could still use it for my hair.
It was not such a waste of money after all!


Ankit said...

man thats weird! dont do that.. :P

JeanGray said...

But but but... Can't you see It is h-e-a-l-t-h-y! :p

Ankit said...

yeah.. right!