Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vote Straight?

During this past election's campaign a lot of things happened.
The usual violence and election-related crimes were present.
Pre-election campaigns were as always targeting the poor, huddled masses.
Political ads of different political hopefuls all portrayed them as approachable people who are not afraid to shake hands with the poorest and dirtiest of the population, even giving them hugs and pats on their backs for trying to earn a decent living. Bah humbug!

I was more interested in their speeches and platforms more than anything else.
I couldn't give a rat's ass who was the latest celebrity they coerced to appear in their campaigns are.
The call to vote according to their conscience and to scrutinize each and everyone running for office, made by the Church as well as by different concerned organizations, non-government units and by the politicians themselves was rampant too and it did not fall on deaf ears.
They say voters' education is the key in this year's elections.
I would have to say that the Filipino voters have smartened up a bit.
Now, popularity alone is not the only key to win a victory in the polls.
As exhibited by the poor number of people voting for celebrity candidates, like Cesar Montano, Tito Sotto both of Team Unity and Richard Gomez running as an independant candidate, have shown.
They are trailing far behind in the polls.

But isn't it an oxymoron when the politicians who are campaigning, telling the people to use their head and vote whom they think would best fit the position and then at the end of their speeches urge the people to vote straight and vote solid for their own political parties?
What the fuck!?!
To tell someone to vote straight is akin to telling them that you have no brains to think for yourselves so you might as well vote these people in office because I know far more than you.

When Malacanang palace was braying the news of a 12-0 sweep by Team Unity senatorial candidates in the Maguindanao elections not only did it raise eyebrows but also cries of election fraud!
Not only was it b.s. it also showed the rampant cheating still going on in the different almost isolated islands of the Philippines.
Mindanao has always been an opposition! How do I know this, you ask?
Simple, not only do I have roots in Mindanao but sheer common sense.
Mindanao, being always behind in projects and other developments made by Imperial Manila over the years have caused tension and ceaseless fighting in the area, especially in the South.
This is one of the biggest factors why extremists rebels have all along wanted Mindanao to break free from the country and form their own nation.
So, for Malacanang to say something so impudent like this was not only unethical of them but very dumb!
If they wanted to rig the elections they should have kept their bloody mouths shut and have done it discreetly.


I'll be gone for a few weeks, feeling sick and tired and I think my body needs a break.
Plus also other issues.
So this won't be updated as regularly.

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Ankit said...

its good that atleast something is been said about voting for the right candidate.. its not the case here! its better than pure politics..
as for asking for vote for one's party is the obvious thing right? speaking from a personal experience i took the high road.. and lost! so u have to ask ppl to vote for urself no matter how much screwed up you are!

PS be back soon..and take care :)