Monday, January 23, 2012

Excellence - The True Mark Of A Person's Character

There was this person who was down on his luck. He recently lost his job and had difficulty paying his bills. He seemed to be a good person though as he volunteered for different organizations and other causes. His life's story was something to be admired if you were one of those people he told his story to. It had all the ingredients and factors needed for one of those feel-good movies that the movie industry seems to churn out these days. A poor boy born into a life of struggle and poverty yet despite all the odds was still able to get a college degree. He didn't accomplish it entirely on his own though for he got help from different people along the way. He was the beneficiary of a charitable institution run by nuns, paid his way through life by doing different jobs, but despite his poverty still managed to volunteer for noble or civic causes and give his best.
It really is good when you think about it. It somehow restores one's faith back in humanity when they see such people pave their ways through society. Indeed, it is something to be admired.

After knowing this, you'd wish to be able to help this person in any way you can because you feel he deserves it. You know that with a little good luck he could do wonderful things. You feel like he is really true and good!

So when you are presented with an opportunity to really extend a helping hand, you immediately contact them and let them know. This is it! It is time you reward kindness with another kindness, with the thought and intention that they will be perfect for it because not only do they subscribe to the same values that you do, they walk the walk and talk the talk too. There was this job opening offered by another and this is the opportunity you see that would help them but it would require them to be away from their familiar environment and good friends. But with this new environment they'd be getting they'll encounter other people to help and expand their horizons. The work was a rewarding one. He'd be given a chance to help out other kids born in the same circumstances as he was. The salary package wasn't bad either. Plus, there was travel in their horizon if they did well.

With such wonderful news they immediately take up your offer and agree to your conditions. They promised to do their best and commit to the project. They gave you their word that they won't let you down.

But just two weeks later in to the job they quit! The reasons given were not even reasonable.
So what do you do? You gave the person who offered them a job a stunning recommendation. And then this person whom you once admired just let it go.

Anyway... This whole episode got me thinking.

What is the true essence of a person's character? People, especially the ones you meet online can present themselves in any manner they wish and in the process fool not only the strangers that they don't have personal contact with but also their own family and friends.

I admit I was really fooled by this person. I relied only on his information and never really bothered to investigate his true nature. But then again, how does one know really? Everything can be faked or can't it?

Excellence and greatness True excellence and greatness can never be faked. It is quite impossible to. They don't have to be a CEO of a big company or someone rich and famous to be excellent and great.

Excellent people would follow-up with their commitments and do their job to the best of their ability.
They know that if they give their best they won't be the only one benefiting from their efforts but in the process get to help out a lot of people. Even though their goal is for personal gain, the effort they put in along the way would help improve their situation and by doing so would also impact others.

They develop their self and focus their attention on how to be better. They don't easily let go of responsibilities and abandon tasks just because of paltry reasons.

I would say this event taught me a couple of things. Lessons learned the hard way. I am also wary now of trusting people, I must admit. I would have done the job myself if I could have turned back the clock.

It is too late now though. At least this experience taught me a very valuable lesson.

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