Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hypocrites and the Deluded

I really don’t know how to begin with this post because right now I am just fucking mad with all the commentaries I am seeing regarding this girl who posed atop a cross during that disgusting and vile occasion which Christians lovingly refer to as the “Hole-y Weak” (Holy Week).

So you people have a better idea what it is that is getting on my nerves I think it is best that I link the picture right here.

Let me just clarify.

The woman (left) DID NOT pose like Jesus Christ.
She got up on the damn cross and had her photo taken. If that is so offensive then how come the relitards did not raise their voices during Holey Weak when a couple of looneys really tried to pose as JC, walking around with a cross and thorned helmets on, then willfully having themselves nailed to a damn cross?
The photograph that the Katolibans were so quick to condemn might even be photoshopped for Christ’s sake!

A scene like the one on the right is not a rare sight here in the Philippines. Just go to any church, whether it is Sto. Niño or the Cathedral and you will find that the poorest of the poor are not allowed entrance inside the gilded quarters because it will inconvenience the patrons of the church. They, who cannot stand the site of a "taong grasa" and the "mabahong amoy" that emanates from them. Why do you think churches have SECURITY GUARDS for god's sake!? The outside walls of Sto. Niño in Cebu alone tell the whole story.
The goddamn priests and members of the laity can't and won't help the homeless people that are very visible outside their gates!

Idiots blow their horns and get so offended by trivial matters but when things that are indeed vile and clearly a violation of human rights are flashed before their eyes you don't hear the "faithful" complain because it just go against their faith and fundie beliefs. Hypocrites

Since the religious nuts are finally awake after dousing themselves with holiness for the past few days, it is with a frail heart that I will inform you that they are now again present in the hunting grounds. Hunting grounds for blasphemers.

The shirtless guy (right) visited and church and was beaten by the security guard. Here's the story.

"FILTHY HYPOCRITES. As I was shooting in Davao City's San Pedro Cathedral during the observance of Good Friday, I noticed a Tagalog speaking man instructing this security guard to throw out a half-naked man who is silently kneeling and praying inside the church, saying that the churches in Manila prohibit persons with mental disabilities and vagrants to enter its premises. The security guard then assaulted the poor man without any warning poking him in the ribs several times using a "ratan" truncheon...I immediately took several burst shots of the detestable incident. Suddenly, an old man with a Bible in his hand tapped me on my shoulder and told me that it is improper to take photos of the incident and that it is also improper to take photos inside their heavenly church. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? Tama si Dong Abay. Banal na aso, santong kabayo. (Copyright: Karlos Manlupig)"

You can see the original photo here.

NOTE: I opted to post this blurry picture to preserve the identity of the victim.

I'll be copying a post from CTF which I have modified a bit.
Of course if you have been reading the story of the lich king in the New Testament, for sure you are aware that the lich king himself was crucified because he was accused of blasphemy. Isn't it ironic that these morally-better-people would do the same thing? The same act that crucified their precious lich king.

And maybe you are wondering what the hell it is I am talking about. Well my dear friends, there's a photo of a woman doing a sexy pose on the cross that is currently circulating in the realms of the internet world. If you are a mature and civilized person, of course it won't be a big deal. Unfortunately my fellow sodomites, that's not the case in the Philippines.

The holier-than-thous will surely berate this girl and hunt her down. They will probably even hire private investigators to trace the poor girl's home address, which is always a possibility for we never know just how crazy these people can get. And just like the Taliban in the Middle East, the Katolibans will do everything to make this girl's life a living hell.

Most of you are already aware what these Katolibans could do but if you have no idea, we could start by reading Jose Rizal's life. How about that? Not a bad idea isn't it? But we could also skim through the pages of the New Testament and like what I've said earlier, everything is perfectly similar.

Pharisees, Talibans, Katolibans, guess the difference is only the spelling.

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