Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some People Don't Deserve Any Kindness

You know who are!
The road to Hell can sometimes be paved with good intentions. Often you are not even aware you are descending there because you are only thinking about the good for all.
Little do you realize that the people you encounter and trust along the way are the very ones who would make your journey an unbearable, unpleasant one.

Trust is a very sensitive thing especially when the person we wish to trust is someone miles away and our only interaction is online.
We only have their words and stories to rely on.
What they tell you is as good as it gets.

Some people are just very good at manipulating words.
Many also use their unfortunate financial states to justify lying, stealing and scheming.
Often, they immediately throw their dignity away for a very paltry amount.

When I learned your story I was touched. Knowing your struggles and your predicament then, I thought it was wise to help someone like you who was just down with luck. I was very confident you'd do a good job because you would be able to relate to the people whose lives you'll have the opportunity to touch and even change, the very change that you got to experience for yourself when people who formed foundations helping kids reached out to help someone like you. But I was wrong. Instead, you squandered the opportunity. Took advantage of it and sucked it for all it's got.

The only regret I have was to trust someone like you. That was a very big mistake.

You could have had a good future, a career worthy of dedication, a life. Yet, you opted to destroy it and head back to an existence of no opportunity. You destroyed the trust of other people, not only me, who banked on your character. You also destroyed friendships. You didn't think.

You knew the terms, you knew what was expected, you knew the conditions and yet you chose to commit. The least you could do was stick to it until the time your dues are paid up and you fulfill your end of the bargain. But you couldn't or you didn't want to. You did not even have the courtesy to contact me or any of your comrades. Instead you opted to hide and lie some more.

At this point, I find it hard to wish you anything good. I'll just wait for life to deal with you accordingly.

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