Tuesday, January 03, 2012

When a Katoliban Speaks!

I encountered this blog post in one of the debate groups I frequent I can only shake my head at the sheer stupidity of this person's post. At first I didn't want to post a reply but since I took the time to address some of his points in a group then I'll just copy my post here.
We were even discussing to address his issues one by one. But why bother anyway, this post is just way too pathetic and it is clear he's a member of the Katoliban. A quick search on any search engine would show all he has written is pure garbage.

I'm only going to tackle the points that pissed me off.

Number 4 irritated me. “In a poll, the most secular countries in Europe rated themselves as having the best quality of life

... yeah and the highest suicide rates"

An individual's decision to commit suicide is irrelevant to the overall development and quality of life of the citizens in a country. Can anybody spell Ignoratio Elenchi for this poor lost soul?

As I read his 9th point raised, it made me realize that there should be a new internet law to be introduced and I propose we call it Reductio ad Stalinum a short spin on the Argumentum ad Hitlerum but only this time an ignaramus would resort to citing Stalin's non-beliefs. The conclusion is suggested/hinted/pointed based solely on Stalin's claim that he was atheist (but this has been debated in political-literary circles that Stalin was SPIRITUAL but not religious)

"Stalin had a different policy outside of the Soviet Union, he supported the Communist Uyghur Muslim separatists under Ehmetjan Qasim in the Ili Rebellion against the Anti Communist Republic of China regime. He supplied weapons to the Uyghur Ili army and Red Army support against Chinese forces, and helped them establish the Second East Turkestan Republic of which Islam was the official state religion."


Stalin's extermination of believers in his homeland was fueled by political motives BUT NOT DIRECTLY ABOUT HIS NON-RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES. Unlike religious wars where the soldiers are told to fight for some imaginary sky dada and the glory of heaven.

And if we must reduce to looking for the most common factors as to why mad leaders resorted to unspeakable crimes against humanity rather than exploring and studying their philosophies and guiding principles let me bring up then that very obvious fact that both Stalin and Hitler sported facial hair, how come nobody's blaming the beard?

11 and 12 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irreducible_complexity

13 We find it important enough because this relidiot's camp keep insisting that certain laws be passed in their favor, tormenting kids and gullible people about hell, tax exemptions because they choose to believe in an imaginary being etc...

This guy had the gal to Hitch an idiot when Christopher's expose of this hypocrite nun called Madder Teresa was one of the most well-researched exposes done by him.

And if that is not enough, Hemley Gonzales and his mission have been working their asses off to expose Madder Terresa's "charity" and really helping the people of INDIA.

15 still doesn't change the fact that "The Catholic church is stuck on moral issues and trivializes world hunger".

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