Friday, September 14, 2007

H.S.M Bruhaha

*Contains pictures not safe for work*

The kids I tutor, some of my friends, their kids and siblings absolutely adore High School Musical.
At the height of its popularity, they kept singing the songs, discuss about the film like its the best thing that ever happened after chocolate cake, rave about that dude with the surfer boy looks and profess how they love it!
At times I can't help but think and brace myself that any moment soon, they'd also be breaking out into a song and dance number, jumping on tables and spilling out their deepest, darkest secrets in the cafeteria. Brrrr...

I have seen the film twice. Not by choice but because two little angels wanted me to watch it with them.

With the popularity of the film, the actors in it were instantly catapulted to stardom.
Kids, especially the little girls were so excited about it.
The main cast was composed of Zac Efron who has this boy-next-door appeal and Vanessa Hudgens, the sweet and wholesome girl which most would surely like.
And parents for one were able to breathe a sigh of relief for a while seeing these two on screen, especially Vanessa who has now become one of their precious one's role models.
Hey, at least she's still too far from the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan trainwreck that seems to be the new role model of today's generation.

The problem lies in the fact that when kids see these sort of films they can't help but look-up and idolize the actors who played in them.
They think its all true and that these actors are really like the characters they portray, in their real lives.

Then, a bomb is dropped that has devastating effects on these kids psyche. *That's what the parents say*

A sex video or a nudie pic suddenly gets circulated online.

Goody-goody actors have a bad side!

Parents raise hell. The outrage, the disappointment, the horror!!!


Well, they are only human. That's why!
They are not saints. And now they are fully grown, they are exploring other angles of being human.
Being naughty and sexually active is one.

It was not a shocker at all that photos of Vanessa Hudgens naked have now made its way across our computer screens. *I knew it was only a matter of time*

Why do I know all these these? Its all over the NEWS!
I really don't a damn what these two do in their spare time and I do not wish to be informed of it. But since my local tv network thought that it was of utmost importance, it was broadcasted all over. The internet was not so kind too. Every website I visited has had a forum or topic dedicated to it.

I could remember two weeks ago, a lot of Pinoys were elated of the news that Vanessa's mom is also Filipina.
She's got Pinoy blood in her veins and by golly she's making this country proud because she's one of Hollywood's highest paid actors below the age of 20.

Then boom! A week later, scantily clad Vanessa and a nudie Vanessa was smiling shyly at the camera, staring at us on our computer screens.
And a lot of people raised seven levels of Hell because of it.

The following photos are not safe for work.

And here's the nudie shot

She could have just denied the reports and said it was all a fake but this starlet admitted of taking the said photos. And if that was not stupid enough, she further stated that she had confidence taking them because it was a private matter.

Yeah right! Has this girl not learned anything from all those sex video controversies of other Hollywood starlets?
There is no such thing as a private matter in showbiz.
Sooner or later it would all surface.

She did apologize for her actions, saying it was a mistake.
But before this could be put under wraps other photos of this person have made their way around the net and this time it shows her taking pictures with other girls in "very suggestive ways."

Parents, mothers have expressed their disappointment.
Who will their kids look up to now that this person has slowly started showing their "not-so-wholesome" side?

That other girl in the movie has not yet shown any nude photos of herself but hell her boobies have started showing in her photo too. *Though not with her consent this time I'm pretty sure*

I do not understand why such a discussion has cropped up because of all this.
Looking at the photos, all the talk is not worth it, second the photos were not at all as bad as I expected, third if you think your child would be distorted because they saw a boob or a shaved twat online then its time to ask yourself who really has a problem.

If you are indeed a concerned parent who looks after and monitors your child, there will be no reason why your children be able to see these.
They are not shown on tv and if they surf the internet just so they could see this, as a concerned parent, I'd bet that you have some parental lock software installed in your computers.

And despite all that, IF your precious angel was still able to get a glimpse of all these. It is your job as a parent to explain to them that a naked person is all but normal.
To pose in front of a camera and take a snapshot naked, was that person's decision.
And though its not really something wrong, please remind them that if ever they would do such a thing and they are still underage you have all the right to beat them black and blue.

And, last but not least...
Your kids should look up to you and think of you as role models first. Not some actress/actor that played a part in some mediocre film.
Be the number one example of how an adult should act and behave.
Don't let the tv be their baby-sitters.
If you raised your child well, images like these would not be an issue.

Maybe she's now sick and tired playing the role of 15-16yr old goody-two shoes nerd chick and is using this as a publicity stunt for her upcoming more juicy roles or porn flicks.
That's Hollywood for you folks.
Either way I don't give a rat's ass what she'll pursue next.
Things just might get interesting if the cast of H.S.M would finally come out of the closets and admit they are all gay.
But then again maybe not.

Now that my rant is through, I'll just sit here and wait for the others to quit bitching about this and move on!


Hershey Desai said...

ok..first things that really her...she looks...different(apart from being naked obviously)...looks more chubbier, hair looks weird,
though the one with the other girl, yep..that sure looks like her.

and the weird blond with the wardrobe malfunction...seriously, why do these people bother wearing clothes is beyond me.

now, far as the "horror" they inflict on kids...
its pretty much in our system got naked, britney got naked, that indian model(i forget the name) had a wardrobe malfunction mid ramp, its...normal.

and basically kids ARE going to see it...either way its gonna happen..heck, it doesn't even have to DO with being naked..or such pics...even a simple kiss on TV will make a child curious at a certain age...for me it was 4th grade...and by 6th it was porn city. No harm in it.

Of course, the problem arises when you try to get real world experience..gotta tell you..lifting your neighbor's daughter's skirt is not a good idea...even if she agrees its ok...
what I am trying to say, heck, teach kids what sex is all about..explain why its not feasible to experiment as such an early age....
putting parental filters on the net will just make them go to cybercafes..

sometimes, just sometimes...I don't like being self reserved.. so..ancient..which is ironic for if you go beyond ancient you may realize that it was us who perfected love..duh...kamasutra.

basic advice... don't hide the botched not saying show kids the fully nude pics either...but if there is a wardrobe malfunction pic in the them..tell them how stupid the girl is(has to be a girl..whoever heard of a guy with that problem) to wear such clothing..

atleast that will drill a message in their heads that such outfits are ridiculous.

i have this friend..worships this move and its actors as if they are gods...oh what a sweet sweet chance to mock him ...ah.. am gonna have fun

Hershey Desai said...

how rude of me...

forgot the introductions...
hershey desai's the name.
pleasure to meet you

Hershey Desai said...

I read the article about her... silly stupid girl..she had a chance to deny all the pics. And instead she accepted them with open arms. Apparently disney had earlier stated that they are fakes, then like a big mouthed fool she told the press that they are

heights of stupidity.
ah well..she was a latino... in hollywood. Bound to happen sometime.

JeanGray said...

"she was a latino"
Well, not really. Her mom's Filipina and dad is American.
But tracing her Filipino lineage she does have Latin origins too and also chinese. *like most pinoys I myself included*
We are all mixed anyway when it comes to our gene pool.

It was indeed stupid of her to admit such.
But hehehe I don't expect much from this person.

Have fun mocking all your friends. I'm already doing the same lmao

Yes I'm acting smug!
I was made to endure all the talks about high school musical when it was at its height, now its their turn to listen to my rant when this bruhahaha is still fresh.
That's what friendship is all about. lol