Monday, August 19, 2013

Napoles Issue? Here We Go Again...

I really could not think of what to call this blog post. Napoles Issue? Here We Go Again... This is "old" news. I have not posted anything on my social networking sites about the current Napoles scandal because I see no point in all of it now. Having seen how things have turned out with the different scandals and corruption accusations that have been exposed over the years and knowing that after the fire dies down and the anger of the mob dissipate, things will continue as they once were and there will be no real reforms in place, I ask myself what's the point in all of it? The mob never learns.

I first started being aware of the news and current events of our country at a young age. Fidel V. Ramos was then president and it was during this time that I started to tune in to what my dad was listening to on the radio. Every night he would always tune into the different AM stations as soon as he gets home from work. Instead of listening to music we listened to commentaries. It was during this time, I was probably six or seven years old, that I could remember really listening to what the adults were talking about.

Over the years we have had countless exposés about corruption scandals in our government but then after a long series of senate inquiries and media hoopla once a news article reaches a certain amount of time of being talked about, people drop it off as "old issue" and the fire dies down then we collectively move on to the next controversy that catches our fancy. Be they a sex tape of some starlet or the lovelife of certain showbiz personalities made controversial yet again.

Here's just a small list of exposés and scandals I can remember that were talked about over the years.

  1. Controversy of the Clark Expo project
  2. Amari Land Scam
  3. BW Resources Scandal
  4. PCSO Funding Scandals
  5. The Luxury cars scandal during Erap's time
  6. Jueteng Scandal
  7. Fertilizer Fund Scandal
  8. Hello Garci Controversy
  9. ZTE Scandal

This is but a small list of the things that I remember. They used to be a major issue in this country. But after the fire burned out, nothing was done about the people involved. Many of them moved on to other careers or ran/held public offices. Just imagine what other forms of corruption happens behind closed doors and how much money have been squandered by these ingrates.

Am I angry? YES, very much so! But what can we do about it?

Napoles is a small pawn. Sometimes I can't help but think maybe its time we as a people start shooting or executing these officials. Maybe, just maybe once we start doing that, they'd be better at their jobs and will start serving the public for once.


Anonymous said...

"The solution is a violent revolt against all members of congress and senate. Let their bodies hang on bridges and burn their houses. Once the purge is over, the government should hire a foreign consulting company that will handle the nation’s budget and rebuild this nation from ground up. It is a fact that we filipinos cannot govern our own selves, let’s face it. Once we see power and wealth within our grasps, we don’t fucking care anymore. This is the only way to restore our nation and to bring back countless OFWs abroad and start a new life for the current generation."

as taken from

Albeit extreme, I think that's really the only way to get shit done. Otherwise, it'll all recede back to the same cycle where people get poorer and more leave the country to work elsewhere. I'm already considering to move out permanently in case nothing changes from this.

LunaEmperatrice said...

Add to that all their assets should be confiscated and their spawns be left to fend for themselves.