Monday, August 26, 2013

Korean Student Essay - Second Reaction

I remember having read this Korean's essay some time ago and I even blogged about it here.
Now with the power of social media and how different the "internet-scene" is compared to seven years ago, I am amused to see this essay being circulated again.
Controlling myself and trying so hard not to be that asshole on the web who constantly says "Ugh this is old!" I realize how my views have greatly changed now that I am in my late 20's.

Reading this essay again and having realized I have greatly changed. I decided to write a reply to the person who posted it on Facebook. After typing a long comment I was about to hit enter and post it under this person's timeline when I thought it is best to just make a new blog post out of it. (Yeay two blog posts in one day!)

Okayyyy tugging at heart strings aside. Let's look at the problems of the Philippines in a more realistic sense.

I now  find this post rather condescending.
First, I want to tackle the question of what is love really?

*That fuzzy feeling you get from seeing your crush?
*That time you hugged a toddler and felt better?
*Your dad rubbing your back as he comforts you after you lost your basketball game?
*A good romp in the sack?
*Your mom cooking your favorite food when you get sick?

Let us define the word love first and then proceed to ask our self this other question.

What is love of country?

*You working your ass off for minimum wage and then contributing your hard-earned money to our government's coffers? (Rather admirable, right?)
*Is it acting like Santa Clause by being generous to each and everyone and giving all your money away? (Really?)
*Is it singing the national anthem pitch-perfectly and going bat-shit crazy if an artist will render their own interpretation?
*Is it about being so proud of your country's flag that you will make sure you go after it despite danger and calamity?


CORRUPTION is the biggest problem of our country plus a backwards system. No matter how much you "LOVE" your country if the system is corrupt then all your hard work will not pay off.

Filipinos leave in droves and go to other countries to find better opportunities to work and have a decent life. The backwards Constitution that we currently have effectively blocks most foreign investment thus making it harder for people to look for work here. Those that do come and start a business with a Filipino partner can hardly grow because of the red tape so rampant here. Graft and corruption reigns supreme.

Look at all the businesses in this country. It is dominated by oligarchs and they hardly have any competition!
Because of this monopoly they can effectively curb salaries and block any reforms that will make workers here more empowered.

Where does the tax money of a Filipino go? Instead of it going to help improve health care, education, and infrastructure of the entire country it is eaten up by corrupt politicians. They use our tax money to fund their lavish lifestyles. They set up bogus NGOs which only "help" those people close to their group.

If we want to improve our country and really address the problem let us start analyzing critically the real issues that affect us and the things we can do to address them.
Rhetoric about love of country is emotionally stirring and all but let us now start focusing on what actions we can effectively take to really improve the country we claim to love and be the driving force to see it change for the better and make it happen.

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