Sunday, December 16, 2007

What Is A "Blogger"?

I hate the term "blog". Why couldn't they have named it something else?
Blog to me sounds like a disease. It sounds stupid too. Of all the names they could think of they had to stick to this one.
Please for the love of god and whatever it is you consider holy, don't post the word's history.
I already know what it stands for and how it came about.
This little tidbit of information was acquired because I know how to google stuff.

Anyway, I still keep a diary. I still love to write the old-fashioned way using pen and paper for my entries.
All my thoughts are released, frustrations set free, no word uncensored and I am loose.
I also keep an online journal, blog, website whatever you may wish to call it. This page you have accessed now being one of a few.
Here I freely share my thoughts and views, quirks and rants to anyone who cared to click and read.
The difference of the two medium is immense.

On the latter I do not disclose any intimate details. Only allowing the stories that usually does not involve me, to be published when I know something is learned, provide entertainment to someone or just me letting off steam.

With the advances in technology and the sprouting of so many free web-hosting sites more and more people are given access to keep their own blogs and be given a niche in the "writing" industry.
Yes, a blog let's you voice out your opinions. Yes, you can influence some people too (If your blog is a bit popular). But let's admit it, just because you have a blog doesn't fucking mean to me you can now legitimately call yourself a "writer". Newsflash dear, you are still not.

Of course, this being the "in" and "hot" thing, many people immediately jumped on the bandwagon and opened their own sites.
But finding out later that it is not easy to write something informative, entertaining, funny or witty.
Without any subject of interest to focus on, a lot of people then got this brilliant idea to blog about "ME!".
Yes, to a point I do agree with this article that the problem of the blog world is it's riddled with too many self-obsessed airheads, who think that they should blow out every detail of their existence to the world, is true. Often times they don't really make a point but just ramble.

This being a new thing, a phenomenon. People just need to be reminded and educated it's not right and safe to disclose personal information at all.
The best writers they say, write for themselves but this does not mean you have to document every goddamn move you make and every food stuff you take, listing your feeding reactions, what time you took a poo, what gave you gas etc.

We can do better than that, can't we?


Diego López said...

Abrí el pecho
Y solté la música de tu río,
Así oí una última vez
nuestra canción.

. [Diego López]

JeanGray said...

Bueno, si usted escucha a tu corazón y dejar que las palabras de flujo y ponerlo en tu blog entonces supongo que es lo que un verdadero blogger es.