Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Soon My Shit Will Glitter

Okay... Christmas is around the corner and this is probably one of the most celebrated yet wasteful holidays ever.
How many times do people throw money down the drain by gifting someone with a present they do not want, use or need?

Well, if you are looking for a smart glittery way to make a political statement voicing your disgust at this waste. Then let me point you to the new, golden way.
Gold is one of the most precious metal resources available.
What better way to waste it, than to poop it out your ass and flush it down the drain.
It might make for a good social commentary, political statement or merely an idiot's way to waste grand bucks.

Feeling cheap, down and depressed?
For the low price of $425usd well, you can now pop one of these golden pills to make your shit sparkle and shine.
It doesn't cure your depression and other self-esteem issues, it just literally increases your poo I mean self- worth.

Whatever your reason may be, this gold pill will make your shit sparkly.

Now, this pill is made of gold leaf dipped in gold, talk about gold overload.
I can think of another cheap alternative but that's not the baller's way to go.
So cough up your money and let your shit shine!
I'll just market the black toilet papers to wipe your ass. It will provide great contrast to the gold poo.

A fair warning to all. Many rappers will soon release videos where they would give a close-up, close camera angle to their glittery shit while talking about their bitches, cribs, rides, money and hoes. Woe to us all! As if we don't see shit on tv on a daily basis anyway.

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