Friday, August 29, 2014

I Dream of Dancing

There have been days when I would just spend hours watching dance videos and trying to emulate the steps in my tiny room in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, I could look less awkward when I get on the dance floor to bust a move. It's been ages since I last went out dancing but who knows... I remember buying my first dance "album" which was just a CD of songs best suited for Latin dances.I ended up playing it just because I needed background noise when I am working.

In my mind I could dance and be graceful as a swan, wowing everybody on the dance floor. Yet, the truth of the matter is the swan in my head is the bow-legged duckling that can barely waddle in real life. I like dancing but unfortunately dancing doesn't like me. I have never joined any dance contest and have tripped countless times just by walking.

Lately though the urge to move has gripped my mind and seized my heart that I finally took out a pair of sturdy heels, searched YouTube for dance hits and started doing basic steps for Salsa. Yet, just fifteen minutes into this whole debacle my legs started to ache and I felt like collapsing.

(The first sign of old age? Que horror!)

Still, I think I am going to continue this little comedy act of dancing and push through with learning some dance moves. Something good might come out of it and heck I need any excuse I could get right now to wear my heels again.

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