Saturday, December 29, 2012

Indian Gang Rape Victim Dies!

After days of struggling with what happened to her, this woman breathed her last. I just hope that her death is not in vain. Too many women are victims of rape on a daily basis. One victim of such a crime is one too many.
By bringing to light what happened to her, I hope the people will finally be aware that rape is NOT at crime of passion it is a crime of pure evil which uses power to bring down and humiliate the victim. It is never the victim's fault why she is raped. How a person dress, act, sound, or look is not an invite for any to come and violate her body.

A lot of people are stating the opinion that people in general are only giving this case a special tag because of the severity. I personally think that we all should stop bickering about this incident in this aspect as this is not the point. Often times many people are indifferent to crimes especially heinous ones because often it is reported so indifferently. Victims are not shown or their life stories told. The way it is presented makes it seem like its just another faceless body in a sea of statistics.

I hope this incident brings to light that a victim IS NEVER A FACELESS BODY. We just do not know their names or see their faces. But now that we can see a victim's face and got to know her maybe just maybe our indifference can be turned to concern as this face can be your sister, mother, cousin, friend.

May she still get justice even in death.

Read the full story here.

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