Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sotto and His Nazi Card

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott

Just when I thought Sen. Tito Sotto could not sink any lower with his recent plagiarism brouhaha once again I see myself being proven wrong. Instead of manning up and apologizing for his mistake for plagiarizing another blogger named Sarah Pope and quoting her work almost word for word in his "turno en contra" speech at the senate floor, Sotto did not address the whole accusation and continued to spew more bullshit by saying stupid things about the RH Bill. He tried to wash his hands clean on the matter but what the good ol’ senator forgot is the role of command responsibility.

He presented a speech supposedly reflecting HIS OWN VIEWS AND OPINIONS regarding a bill which he vehemently opposes and now he let his staff say he is not at fault here?!

Sotto you are a disgrace!

Following the developments of the whole RH Bill debate, in his latest tirade Sen. Tito Sotto has now pulled the Nazi card, also known as Reductio ad Hitlerum or argumentum ad Hitlerum. The Nazi Card is an ad hominem or ad misericordiam argument. This is a strategy used by some people in debates where they try to discredit their opponent's points raised by comparing his or her opponent's views to be similar with that famous dictator Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party.

Not only are the person's points that were raised using this argument irrelevant the suggested logic is one of guilt by association.

I find this move by the senator quite disgusting. First of all it is an affront to the real victims of Nazism and their families. Once again he clearly demonstrates that he really does not know what the hell it is that he’s talking about. Having run out valid points that will help him try to prove his staunch stance against the HR Bill, Sotto has now turned this debate into a debacle for his part.

Philippines, I hope you realize now what an ass of a clown is the person currently occupying one of our Senate seats is. Hopefully, we learn our lesson and would avoid electing people like him. And as for Sen. Tito Sotto himself, he should take a lesson from his other showbiz-politician buddy Sen. Lito Lapid to just join him and be part of the Senate silent committee. This would spare us all from hearing another one of his stupid rants and prevent from embarrassing us even further.

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