Monday, May 14, 2012

Claims To The Russian Throne With A Touch Of Filipino Flair

The whole article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer's website has generated a lot of buzz recently.
It is about a Russian immigrant who had an eccentric lifestyle and told fascinating stories to her grandkids about her old homeland.
Turns out, her story mirrors that of someone living in a palace and was raised affluently. Now, in comes the headlines in a newspaper that is supposedly one of the country's best, FILIPINO'S GRANDMAMA COULD BE RUSSIA'S ANASTASIA and boom! Watch the Google search results soar for Romanov and Anastasia.

I find it personally disgusting that a paper who claims to uphold the truth would even publish something like this without doing a personal research. I know the story is quite interesting but it remains to be that, just a story. Not fit to be in a newspaper really but more like those romance novels sold for P15 each.

This may sound harsh to most, but if you come out of the public with an outlandish claim do have something tangible to back it up and not just an old photograph and some "results" of a spirit of the glass session.

And just to quell all these rumors please do a simple search. Really it does help. Spreading lies and fueling ignorance is something a paper like the Philippine Daily Inquirer should be ashamed of.

Oh wait... We are talking about PDI here after all. It is just another story for them no doubt. Carry on...

From Wikipedia:

Her (Anastasia Romanov's) possible survival has been conclusively disproven. In January 2008, Russian scientists announced that the charred remains of a young boy and a young woman found near Ekaterinburg in August 2007 were most likely those of the thirteen-year-old Tsarevich and one of the four Romanov grand duchesses. Russian forensic scientists confirmed on April 30, 2008, that the remains were those of the Tsarevich Alexei and one of his four sisters.[1] In March 2009 the final results of the DNA testing were published by Dr. Michael Coble of the US Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, proving conclusively that the remains of all four Grand Duchesses have now been accounted for, and no one escaped.

Do these two really look alike?


For the people who got their panties all up in a bunch because I linked from Wikipedia which many say is an unreliable source of information here is the Scientific paper published regarding this issue.

And for those who wish to open their copies of Britannica or some other fancier encyclopedia acquiring dust on the bookshelf, here's "news" for you too.  Study: Wikipedia as accurate as Britannica


Anonymous said...

Well, quoting an unreliable source like Wikipedia to prove your point does not make you different from the Inquirer either. :D

Do not just do a 'simple search'. Search more.

LunaEmperatrice said...

Oh wow here comes the "Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information" representative visiting my website.

Well, first of all thank you for dropping by and second your "point" about my source of information has been debunked a long time ago
Study: Wikipedia as accurate as Britannica

Third check out the OTHER NOTES AND SOURCES LINKED as well as the EXTERNAL LINKS. They are already provided for you, why don't you take a look and see for yourself?

The findings of the search for the last Romanovs was a PUBLISHED RESEARCH IN A RESPECTED SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL. If that still escapes you because you are just looking at the WIKIPEDIA entry then I doubt you caught the point of this post.


Here's the paper for you Mystery Solved: The Identification of the Two Missing Romanov Children Using DNA Analysis

And here's a link about DNA study for you mate DNA Study 101

Anonymous said...

Scientist Should get Sample of her DNA again from Manila and Let see if there are something can be trace. Besides Einstein proves Newton wrong. :) So I guest repeat the DNA testing and let see what will be there!?

Anthony Vista said...

People like who always hastily judges anything you read is considered a bigot. And you think because you knew how to write in English, you are already authoritative in many fields. Not all scientific researches published in journals are conclusive, especially in this case where a window of doubt was left open. Collection of datas is totally different from empirical inferences. Try to broaden your mind before you write. The heirs of this Filipino-Russians still have DNA testing to prove their case. I bet you can eat your words if they prove you wrong.

LunaEmperatrice said...

There is no need to get the samples as it has already been established and proven that they all died in that massacre. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE NOT PAYING ANY MORE ATTENTION TO CLAIMANTS OF THE ROMANOV LINE.

@Anthony Vista look you twat, you are the only one making a connection of me speaking and writing in English to me being "authoritative". The authority I cited is a RESPECTED SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL. That means they actually took the time to research, study, examine all possible evidence and analyze all information before they published their reports. They did not pull stuff out of thin air, or arm themselves with only a picture, or did any ghost-hunting to justify their claim. The conclusion they presented was arrived by studying the evidence and applying the scientific method. There is no 100% accuracy in any scientific experiment or work IDIOT. No sane scientist would ever claim that their study or finding is 100% conclusive. But the room for error and the probability of them making a mistake is already quite small.

We are talking about a SPECIFIC researched finding here, not some other scientific study. And it has already been concluded that the Royal Romanov line was all executed. Deal with it! Too bad you can't actually relive your Walt-Disney Anastasia fantasy. Booohooohoo

The DNA testing has ALREADY been done about the Romanov case yet you reject the DNA testing result that conclusively said that the Romanov line was dead but now you would call on DNA testing to prove that this person who claims that their grandmama could be Anastasia. What the fuck are you high on? LOL

Bianca said...

With the journal you've cited, also read their DISCLAIMER.
The opinions and assertions contained herein are solely those of the authors and are not to be construed as official or as views of the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of the Army, or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Commercial equipment, instruments and materials are identified in order to specify experimental procedures as completely as possible. In no case does such identification imply a recommendation or endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of the Army, or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology nor does it imply that any of the materials, instruments or equipment identified are necessarily the best available for the purpose.

Let's not debunk the possibility, the same way those scientists/archaeologists does not claim their research as the BEST available one.

LunaEmperatrice said...

Ah so you are looking for the "BEST" and can you please specify what is the BEST way to clearly identify the remains of the charred bodies in this comment.

This was the most detailed test done on the subjects' bodies. So detailed that it is now used to put all the other claimants and rumors to rest.

But if you know of any other way to "PROVE" that this isn't the best way possible, then please tell us now. And alert the Russian government too. Who knows, Disney's Anastasia may really be true after all.

Anonymous said...

The Russian Orthodox Church until now refuse to recognized that the remains found in yekaterinburg are authentic, they believed Alexei and Anastasia's DNA are not conclusive...
Meaning case is still open...

LunaEmperatrice said...

The Russian Orthodox Church or any church for that matter is NOT the authority to be believed when it comes to SCIENTIFIC STUDIES AND FINDINGS.

Anonymous said...

It's not only the ROC - a lot of the Romanov cousins' descendants still reject the findings and the Russian government has re-opened a probe into the story! Perhaps by 2018 (the 100th anniversary) will have something more conclusive!

I would bet at least that the grandmama of Caty Petersen is AT LEAST a royal cousin who knew some secrets about the family but had to be smuggled out of Russia before the Bolsheviks could get to her! There's a reason why she was isolated from the other passengers in the ship used to smuggle her out! And it's not for nothing she refused to have anything to do with OTHER white people during her time in the Philippines!