Friday, August 20, 2010

Good-bye To "Love"?

You called me from your office asking how things are with me and how I've been. I have not heard from you for quite some time and hearing your voice again made me feel okay. But my intuition told me something's not right. This is just not right.

Then, you dropped the bomb and informed me you're already married and it has been three days into your honeymoon. I was shocked! How could you be calling me at 3 o'clock in the morning while your wife's gently sleeping?


Then you told me how "happy" you are now that you are settled. Sharing to me both your future plans and dreams. Yes, you are lucky with her I acknowledged. She's educated and plans to pursue more things with her career. You were asking me about Canada, as if I've ever been there. You want to migrate and start your family in the Maple Country, okay that's fine. It's a swell idea I said. They have free healthcare for their citizens.

Then, silence...

You were the first to break it. You asked me how I felt.


I am actually genuinely happy for you now. You've always been the one more inclined to romance and settling down. I'm happy that you finally got your wish fulfilled.

You asked me if there's someone new. I gave you updates about me. Then you sighed.

"It could have been us." Were all the words you could utter.

Silence again...

Had I ever entertained the thought of even marrying you? You asked.
Yes. But I never thought you were serious. So I abandoned any idea of something deeper than our then relationship and just focused on the things that I were sure of. Work.

Now that you are married though, you have absolutely no right to even contact me just to reminisce about old times' sake or talk about your dreams nor mine.

You still keep my pictures you confessed. In fact you said you uploaded them on your new mobile phone. How could you?

I was mad at this. I told you to erase everything and forget all.

"No!" you said. You have the "right" to keep them.

I could no longer reason with you. Nor stand talking to you.

You've been married for 3 days and this is what you do!?! I thought you've moved on? Why contact me now? Why?

But instead of asking this aloud though it was better to disconnect that phone call.

We have each drawn our own lots and chosen different paths. Let's stick with it. Not just for our sake but for the people who love us. Talking about the past will do nothing but bring us pain. Really I'm okay now. I'm happy and also consciously trying to be.

Good-bye and may you be happy too.


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