Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Duck, Duck Bush!

A lot of people are talking about the recent incident were a journalist threw his shoes at President Bush.
Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Iraqi-owned Al-Baghdadiya television based in Egypt, shouted "this is the end" as he hurled them at the American leader.

Although I pity the guy for having poor aim I somehow understand why Mister al-Zeidi chose this course of action.
Bush is the person who many believe is responsible for the demise of his country Iraq, the death of many of his countrymen, the destruction of businesses, the shifting of their entire lives for the worse. Throwing a shoe or shoes at him is a very small, insignificant thing compared to what Bush has done so far.

Many say that that particular action was an insult to all U.S. Americans.
But I beg to differ. It was an insult to only ONE and that one person was the supposed target of those size 10 shoes.

My mother always told me, respect is EARNED and it can never be demanded.
This situation just proves it.

Also, one could wonder if this happens quite often whenever Bush would visit another foreign country. Just look at how fast he managed to get out of the way and avoid those shoes. Reflexes like that need to be honed by constant practice.

He should just be glad there wasn't any bomb in those footwear.

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Stephen said...

I remember seeing this on the news. I got a really good laugh out of it :)

It certainly didn't take long before the online video games came out. I must say I did enjoy throwing shoes at Bush, and pegging him right in the head. :P

harshavardhan reddy said...

hey.. long time since i saw ur blog. I pity the guy who threw those shoes, he's being treated "properly" nhas lost a coupla teeth. I read he's gonna be tried n cud face charges that cud lead to upto 10 years imprisonment.

LunaEmperatrice said...

@ Stephen

I did spend a few hours playing that flash game. I'll link it soon so others will also get to play that good game. It surely beat that Clinton banging White House personnel game in my book. lol


Yeah, I know I was missed so I came out of hiding.
Anyway, he certainly has the whole muslim/arab world united for once. They are demanding for his release. I feel sorry for him though. His shoes didn't even land on Bush and that was the treatment he got.