Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Idiocy Is Indeed Gender Neutral

I was exploring websites and other blogs yesterday when I came across this blog entry which was pretty interesting and aptly titled Idiocy Is Gender Neutral.
I agree with her opinions and views.
Idiocy won't choose genders and its fairly distributed among the sexes.
Your IQ and and line of logic is not determined by what is in between your legs.

My experiences (this has never been sexual) with Men have been fairly good and nice.
I never really had problems dealing with and relating to them.

My father and brother are both very loving and kind.
Which has probably influenced the way I look or even think about men in general.
Majority of my friends are male.
I must say, most times I prefer to be with them more than my female friends.
I can talk to them with different issues and subjects like news and politics, philosophy and religion, cars, movies *that aren't cheesy*, video games, rock songs and different genres of music other than pop, games, guns and other things.
Plus they are not so much into gossip and celebrities.

Girls have this bad habit of bad-mouthing their fellow females and gossiping a lot, finding it entertaining.
Which I don't really find worthy and above all appropriate.
That is probably the main reason why I have few real female friends.

Before you females blow your heads off, let me just make this clear just in case you'd be blabbing I know NOT all women are gossip mongers.
And yes I'm talking in general terms because I cannot possibly pin point each and everyone of you who does not fall under the typical category.

My two best friends are both female and I'm very blessed to have them.
They are one of the very few females whom I can really relate to.

The majority of women I see who constantly bad-mouth men are usually the foul-mouthed, ill-mannered twats who do nothing but complain and complain.
Constantly saying that men nowadays don't know how to treat a woman right and be chivalrous. blah blah blah
*Maybe if you act more lady-like and behave properly, they might...

I for one do not believe that chivalry is dead. It is not!
If you will conduct yourself in a more appropriate, lady-like manner men would treat you like a lady.
*I'm just saying this again because many have failed to realize this or somehow forgotten.

Mind you, I still find men opening doors for me, standing up so I can sit on their chair, be protective of me etc.

Looking back, I remember a classmate in elementary school his name was John Christian.
He was very kind and good kid. He would even carry my bags without me asking him to do such a thing.
My brother and his friends all treat me very well. Very protective of me in fact.

Since many of these women demand equal rights, I am just confused why they keep complaining when Billy, Bob or Tommy would treat them like the average joe?

Its equality you want, right?
So there it is, EQUAL RIGHTS!
*Don't expect them to do anything special, not unless they are looking to get laid.
Hell, even if they want to, why would they be doing you any thing special if you want to be treated like one of the guys.

Men are not idiots.
I would even go a further mile and say, I find more men logical and realistic compared to their female counterparts.
*Don't believe me?
Just look at all those bridezillas and fashion maniacs. The latter is mostly composed of women, who think their existence and happiness means spending tons of hard-earned money on a branded bag, shoe or piece of clothing.
The men in this area don't count because most if not all are gay.

If we just stop awhile and focus on what the other is really trying to do or say we would have a better understanding of them.
Plus it pays if we praise them for their efforts other than criticize them immediately for their shortcomings.

People praised and appreciated would then strive to do better.

And for the record, no I don't want to be treated like one of the guys.
I want men to treat me special, open doors for me, offer his seat and just treat me like a woman, just because I am one.
But not always, it does get boring!


Hershey Desai said...

making a girl feel special is what men thrive for.

But see, no one enjoys opening a car door for someone if they EXPECT you to... ruins the fun out of everything.

it has to be because the man wants to...not because the woman wants you too. And doing it on a daily basis could get tedious. After all, feeling special is allright, but she ain't the queen of England you know.
Heck, a guy wouldn't even bother if she WAS the queen of england.

Basically, guys like to mix it up..give occasional surprises. Accept them. Savor them. No one likes monotony anyway.

JeanGray said...

Its just not about making a girl feel special. Too many females these days bitch and moan about the lack of manners and decorum from guys.
Not realizing that good behavior begets the same.
We cannot demand for respect, it is freely given when its due.